LIZ PIETERS | Chief People Officer

Liz Pieters serves as Chief People Officer at N2Growth and is responsible for N2Growth’s people strategy and operations worldwide. Liz designs how our people impact advantage, value, capacity, and ultimately shape the N2Growth culture. Liz works to reimagine and redefine how people thrive, learn and work while driving remarkable outcomes for our clients. Combining rich business acumen and a unique set of leadership skills, Liz works to coach, inform and transform business leaders, driving remarkable personal and business success.

With her diverse background in Talent Management, Customer Service, Operations, Sales and Technology, Liz has a broad perspective which is brought to bear in the critical analysis, understanding and solution of complex business issues.
Prior to joining N2Growth, Liz held a variety of positions guiding executive career transition, leadership and organizational development for Fortune 500 executives as well as those of mid-market firms in consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, telecom and professional services. As a former Xerox executive and Vice President of Business Development for Lee Hecht Harrison, Liz brings a wealth of corporate leadership experience to N2Growth.

Underlying all aspects of her work is Liz’s capacity for insight and meaningful conversation. Liz acts as trusted advisor for organizations at the local, national and global levels on talent management and activating leader potential.

Liz believes that every thing and every thought that happens in life, both big and small, shape and create who we are at this moment, and for this Liz feels privileged and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of a client’s journey.