Marcelo BernardezMarcelo Bernardez | Managing Director, N2Growth Brazil


arcelo Bernardez is an Executive in Residence at N2Growth, specializing in risk management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, and negotiations. With nearly 25 years of experience, Marcelo brings his passion for work, attention to detail, and risk management centric approach to all of his business engagements. Most recently, Marcelo completed his tenure as the Chief Operating Officer and Legal Manager of Providence Solutions Participações, a Brazilian firm which buys and sells consumer credit card debt. Given the particularly risky nature of the business, Marcelo was brought to the team as a resident expert in risk management and corporate law in Brazil. During his time with Providence Solutions, Marcelo created and executed strategies for mitigating risk, maintained regulatory compliance, and negotiated contracts with other firms. When Providence Solutions closed, Marcelo planned and executed the shutdown process, ensuring that all 171 employees were released in accordance with Brazilian labor laws and that they were paid generous severance packages.

Prior to working at Providence Solutions, Marcelo served as the Head of Legal at Duxxi Imobiliária S.A. and All Ore Mineração, two Brazilian companies held by a German investment fund. Marcelo balanced the diverse regulatory needs of both companies and advised firm leaders on tax planning, consumer protection, copyright, content regulation, security, and intellectual property. Marcelo’s professional experience also includes time spent as the Head of Legal at Fazendas Reunidas Boi Gordo, a securities trading firm for which he helped plan an IPO. Marcelo launched his corporate law career as a Lawyer and Senior Lawyer at several firms. Marcelo has received three LL.M. degrees—two from Universidade Católica and one from Alcala University—an MBA from ISEAD, and a B.S. of Law from Catholic University of Salvador.