Dansby Swanson: Experiencing the Full Range of Emotions

Dansby Swanson: Experiencing the Full Range of Emotions

Brené Brown has changed the way we think about vulnerability. She has numerous best-selling books, one of the most popular Ted Talks ever, and even has her own Netflix special. Almost single-handedly, she has sparked a revolution about how people…

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Brad D Smith Chair at Intuit

Failing Forward: Brad Smith, Board Chair of Intuit Shares His Perspective

Let's face it; we all fail from time to time.  But how come some people seem to "fail forward" even when times are tough?  Brad Smith has a unique perspective. During one of the most turbulent times in Silicon Valley history, Brad Smith was the…

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Mark Cuban Talks About Luka Doncic

Here’s How Luka Doncic Won Over Mark Cuban

Why does Mark Cuban love Luka Doncic? The easy answer is that Luka is a bonafide star for the Dallas Mavericks. Luka is only 21 years old and already an All-Star He’s a permanent fixture on ESPN’s Top-10 list Maverick's season ticket demand…

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