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Uncertain times shine a light on the value of great leadership. It is that thing – leadership – that allows your organization to not just survive, but to flourish in times such as these. This year, while many search firms have experienced massive layoffs and many others have closed their doors, N2Growth has not laid off a single person. In fact, N2Growth is stronger than ever. Clients around the world have turned to N2Growth to help them navigate this season, ensuring that they have the right leaders in the right place at the right time. And those clients are winning.

Audioeye Software Retained Search for Executives

“We have worked with N2Growth to place three C-level executives across two organizations. The teams we worked with exceeded our expectations in every way. N2Growth is a true authority in executive search and leadership assessment and we are very pleased with the high-quality talent they helped us place within our organizations.”

 -Carr Bettis, Executive Chairman, AudioEye

After putting the right leadership in place with both CEO and CFO placements, this pro-social digital accessibility company’s stock is at an all-time high (ticker: AEYE).

N2Growth outperforms the industry in every meaningful category of modern performance measures.

Executive Search Firm NPS

In contrast to other firms, N2Growth’s focus is not on more business for itself, but rather, on outcomes and a world class client experience.

Completion Rate 99%
Diverse Hires 51%
2 Year Stick Rate 93%

N2Growth's average time to placement is just 94 days, and 60% of our clients retain us for a second search assignment before the completion of the first search.

N2Growth resources every search with 2 to 3 times the number of team-members as the industry average. And those team members – military special operations veterans, Harvard and Wharton MBAs, McKinsey and LEK consultants, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders – are the best in the industry. Our world class consultants, coupled with the most rigorous process and search methodology in the industry, gets you better talent faster than anyone else.

Market Mapping

N2Growth can identify the entire universe of available talent for your industry and function faster and more accurately than our competition. We don’t stop there: our approach to market mapping goes beyond traditional industrial, geographic, and functional boundaries to identify best in class talent to lead your organization.

Technology and Transparency

N2Growth, operating in a cluttered sea of legacy firms, is the search firm of the future. The only Top-15 global firm founded post-2000 (2005), technology and modernity are in our DNA. Utilizing a stack of speed-enabling proprietary technology tools, we get you to better outcomes faster, and provide you with 100% transparent data on the status of your pipeline from start to finish.

Global Reach

Serving more than 50 markets with partners strategically located around the world, our extensive network gives you unfettered access to the best talent on the planet.

Whole Person Evaluation

It’s not enough to satisfy experience and hard skills requirements … that’s simply the price of admission. You must hire for culture add (not fit), soft skills, leadership acumen, and character. Our rigorous screening protocols, behavioral interviews, assessments, proprietary case-study based assessments, and advanced technologies get you not just a placement, but the right placement. All screening activities are indexed against a role-specific, outcomes-focused scorecard that we co-create with you. The cost of an executive hiring mistake is simply too great to do it any other way. 

Total Fit Score

N2Growth utilizes cutting edge technology to support our human-centric processes, which provides an AI-driven “total fit” score for candidates. After the set of parameters are input into the system (which can be adjusted as the search evolves), a total fit score is calculated based on the desired behavioral profile AND the technical requirements of the role. It is yet another data point amongst many to provide you with confidence in your hiring decisions.

Luma Pictures Entertainment Executive Search Firm

“Working with N2Growth has been a true pleasure. They’ve exceeded our expectations in every way. The entire team took the time to understand our company’s culture, placing us with incredible talent at an extraordinary pace.”

- Payam Shohadai, CEO, Luma Pictures

Luma Pictures is a premier visual effects studio for films such as Black Panther, Aquaman, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Mary Poppins Returns, and more. Luma has built out much of its leadership team in partnership with N2Growth over a short period of time. From COO and Chief Marketing Officer hires to Senior Producer and Creative roles, N2Growth built Luma a winning team.

N2Growth has set the standard for 21st Century search. Partner with us to build a winning team that will beat your competition to the future.

General Counsel

VP of Product

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Communications Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Product Officer

VP of Human Resources

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Board Director

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Head of Talent

Senior Producer

Chief Executive Officer

Head of Digital Innovation

SVP of Sales

SVP of Technology

Head of Marketing

Head of Erollment

Academic Dean | Regional CEO

Managing Director

SVP of Client Services

Audioeye Software Executive Search Firm

Chief Executive Officer

Audioeye Software Executive Search Firm

Chief Financial Officer

Amway Consumer Executive Search Firm

VP of Aviation

Amway Consumer Executive Search Firm

Board Director

VP, Mexico

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Vice President of Revenue Cycle

VP of Operations, Long Term Care

VPs of various service lines

Atlas Arteria 1

Chief Executive Officer

“N2Growth is a very professional, well organized, responsive, and well-prepared team that is easy and enjoyable to work with.”

-Ilona Bassin, Talent Management, Hyundai

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