Hacking Leadership By: Mike Myatt

“Hacking Leadership” (Wiley) http://amzn.to/1a5W4pc is the latest book from noted leadership expert Mike Myatt. A Forbes leadership columnist and widely regarded as America’s Top CEO Coach, Mike Myatt advises Fortune 500 CEOs on leadership. “Hacking Leadership” is available everywhere.


N2Growth | Succession Planning

N2Growth has conducted hundreds of succession engagements and is adept at understanding the unique issues surrounding each client’s succession challenges. We make it simple to understand, communicate and deliver.

Whether you’re charged with the responsibility for the entire succession lifecycle, or any component thereof, N2growth can be a valuable partner in facilitating a successful outcome.


N2Growth | Innovation Management

Too many companies forget about the need for, and power of innovation. Without a dedicated focus on innovation it is only a matter of time until a business cannot attract or retain talent, suffers from obsolescence due to the innovation of others and watches their brand fall into decline.To learn more about how to catalyze change and growth through innovation please contact us.


N2Growth | CEO and Leadership Coaching

At N2growth we offer exceptional one-on-one leadership development programs that will allow CEOs and other executives to grow beyond their own self-imposed boundaries. The harsh reality of the business world is that most entrepreneurs and senior executives are only as good as their last decision. It is your ability to continue to evolve and to stay ahead of your contemporaries that will keep you on top.


N2Growth | Your Future Only Better

Businesses, projects, and initiatives don’t fail — leaders do. Those companies that fail to treat leadership as a priority simply cede opportunity to those that do. Welcome to N2growth. We specialize in working with C-level executives and Boards of Directors to create better leaders and teams.

Leadership and Communication

N2growth offers a full array of leadership development, CEO coaching and C-level talent management services. The goal behind these efforts are to assist our clients in translating their business strategies into superior execution and improved bottom lines.