Above The Genes And Reaching Optimal Performance With Terry Clark

Terry’s route to epigenetic performance & lifestyle coaching emerged from a lifetime of reaching for his own biological optimization. An insatiable curiosity and a passion for the hard sciences built a basis of knowledge that is very valuable in identifying patterns and trends and the significant anomaly in client’s challenges in achieving their own best life.

Terry Clark is a high energy professional with extensive experience in Federal law enforcement and intelligence. A recognized visionary with a track record of identifying novel technological solutions to persistent systems problems. A proven leader in disparate aspects of Federal business including financial management, technology, intelligence, and business process re-engineering. The studies and practice of Gestalt as learned in Organization and Systems Theory became increasingly important as did the advanced interviewing body of knowledge in understanding the human way of relating to ourselves and others.

Today I talk to Terry about how a stressful and taxing career can challenge your body and mind’s ability to perform at its highest level. Identifying the links between your current lifestyle and impediments to optimization is just a first step in the epigenetic journey.

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • The future of executive performance – designed with analytics. Improve performance, optimize health, and increase resilience.
    • Using genetics, epigenetics, and your biometric analytics you can experience life at your full potential. Invest in yourself, your health, and your performance.
  •  Studies found that the average person spends about 5% of working hours in flow. But if you could increase that to 20%, they estimate that overall workplace productivity would double. That’s a crazy statistic – and possible!
  • There is an art of flow state and the decoding of accelerated human performance, and it is science-driven.

Leader Action Plan:

  • Optimize the epigenetic health of your leadership team and employees to improve performance and achieve consistent success.

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