Ever Wonder Why Certain People Get “Under Your Skin” at Work? With Susan Drumm

Feel like you aren’t having the right conversations in senior team meetings?  Susan Drumm has been at the forefront of applying the model of the Enneagram to leadership in business to help executives get clarity on these questions and shift to a higher level of performance.  She’ll share why this tool is far more powerful than traditional tools such as DISC and MBTI for leadership growth, and how it’s particularly impactful in unlocking team performance.

Susan Drumm is a CEO Advisor and Leadership Coach focused on helping leaders and their teams to develop the capacity and mindsets to lead in today’s disruptive environment.  She has worked with Private Equity firms and their emerging portfolio companies, as well as large corporations such as Oracle, Viacom, KPMG, A&E Networks, Genentech, and others.  Susan has graduate degrees from Harvard Law SchoolCarnegie Mellon University and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

LEADERSHIP DRIVES BUSINESS OUTCOMES—NOW MORE THAN EVER. Today’s senior leaders face disruption and challenges that were unfathomable just 5 short years ago. Our current business environment is complex and constantly changing, and organizations must evolve to keep pace. This responsibility falls primarily on the leaders, who must help their teams become more efficient, more effective, and prepared to tackle new challenges and opportunities.

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • Leaders of organizations must build the capacity and competency required to deal with this escalating rate of change.
  • Uncover the mindsets and assumptions that fuel performance—and those that get in the way of results.
  • Move away from reactive and potentially damaging behaviors and towards creative leadership, freeing up resources, time, money, and energy.
  • Embrace leadership assessments and development:
    • There are 9 different leadership styles and each has its own gifts and blind spots. When you understand your natural style, you can make the most of your strengths and overcome leadership weaknesses. And when you understand the styles of others, you can speak to them in a language they can hear, rather than getting caught up in what seems like perplexing behavior.

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