Locked On Leadership With Will Duke

Will Duke is a retired U.S. Navy officer who now serves as the Director of Learning and Development for a major consulting firm where he has designed leader development programs for Fortune 500 corporations and consulted with teams across the full spectrum of industries.

Will is a four-time book author and has recently released a book entitled: “Locked on TEAMS”- a leader’s guide to high-performing TEAM behavior. In this conversation, Will and I discuss how (in general) people do not change, but rather the context does. Leading in today’s VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) “context” makes the art and science of leading even more important than ever. Especially understanding how to lead in a TEAM setting will be crucial for leaders of the future.

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • The shift from muscle power to mind power
  • Managers and Leaders must align, influence and care for their team in order to become a high-performing organization
  • Understanding the physiology of humans is a vital part of being a leader

Leader Action Plan:

  • We stay on a consistent theme here for action plans. This one is simple..leadership = ACTION. Once you are done listening to this podcast, take ACTION on the notes you have taken!
  • The vision drives innovation. Make sure you paint the picture to your team.

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