The Art of Breathing as a Leadership Imperative With Sandy Abrams

Sandy Abrams shares her simple yet powerful Breath & Mindfulness tools that fueled her entrepreneurial journey over the past 25 years; making her what she calls a “C.E.’Om…able to juggle the chaos of entrepreneurial life thanks to the power of mindful breath & positive, strategic thoughts. Sandy is on a mission to empower people to create their optimal energy for success & wellness…one deep, mindful breath at a time!

Her Breath & Mindset techniques are for “in the moment” empowerment. No need to master the art of stillness or reserve chunks of time. Her tried and true advice fits right into your busy day; enhancing your thoughts, energy, creativity, and clarity that lead to better decisions, more meaningful business relationships, optimal energy, success, and wellbeing. 

The Incredible Power of Breath

Without conscious breathing, your thoughts can default to negativity and doubt and become self-sabotaging. Instead, connect your mind and body to the kind of thoughts and energy that will bring the success you desire. Breath is a ready and available vehicle for transformation at any given moment. Even just three deep breaths can be truly transformative: from fear to excitement, from nervous to calm, from doubt to certainty. When you breathe mindfully (even briefly), you get the benefits of meditation without having to sit still for long periods of time. You can breathe to succeed in small snippets every day. Make the decision to choose your thoughts and energy as often as possible and you’ll quickly begin to see an incredible power that you have within.

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • Breath Is the New Meditation

    • Enhancing your breath is ground zero, the perfect place to begin to feel the benefits of meditation without having to reserve a chunk of time or master the art of stillness. It meets you where you are. Mindful breath is meditation at the speed of today’s on-demand business lifestyle.
  • Breath is Ready When You Are

    • Nobody knows exactly what you need to hear in a challenging moment better than you do. Begin to silently speak up to yourself in the moment. Show up for yourself. Tell yourself that you’re going to be fine, that you can do it, breath slowly and deeply with the intention of mustering up your inner strength. It’s in there; breath will bring it to you.
  • Breath is for Success…and Wellness

    • Utilizing your new favorite breath technique at key moments in business will make you more mindful and productive. Breath is at your beck and call. Breath also has compounded benefits that stick around long after each exhale.
  • Redesign lunchtime to be unplugged

    • Don’t eat in front of your screen. Schedule some lunches or business dinners around the idea of fully enjoying being unplugged and engaged
  • Go old school

    • Sit down with a cup of tea or coffee at a café and don’t touch your phone; put it out of sight. Rest your brain. Get comfortable with being confident enough to just and not be looking at a screen.
  • Get outside

    • Even if it’s only for ten minutes during the day. Go for a walk alone or with a colleague. Work doesn’t always have to be done in the office. Take a business call or participate in a brainstorming session while walking outside. Fresh air is medicine for the soul
  • Say goodnight to your electronics

    • Put your electronics away at least two hours before bedtime, and don’t even think of touching it if you wake up in the middle of the night. Keep your phone out of your bedroom at night. Breathe through that temptation.

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