The Difference Between “Doing” and “Being” with Debbie Oberbillig

Debbie Oberbillig has a  passion and expertise to consult with and coach CEOs and corporate leaders, as well as to create and facilitate programs to develop courageous emerging leaders. 

Debbie is highly skilled in the business aspect of talent management, including coaching, leadership development, facilitation, and organizational program management.  Before starting her consulting firms, she was on the executive team of an emerging technology services firm, where she assisted in growing the business from startup to a global public company. She is a graduate of the ICF accredited Newfield Network Ontological and Somatic Coaching Program and she is an Enhanced Narrative Coach Practitioner and Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. 

In this conversation, Debbie and I discuss a wide range of topics that focus on the character, substance, and style required to lead in today’s environment. 

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • Who we are…is how we lead
  • Be intentional in your actions
  • A reminder again of the importance of Diversity and Inclusion

Leader Action Plan:

  • It starts with self-awareness and self-management. As a leader, it takes ACTION to admit vulnerabilities and be confident enough to make changes in your behavior. Look in the mirror first before looking out the window to blame others.

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