The REAL Fuel For Innovation With Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson has a passion for applying innovation & technology to solve challenging problems. Andy says it starts with a compelling problem…what will make the world a better place, you a better professional, your organization more successful?. . and then how can innovation/technology address this need!

Andy is a leader in the Southern Californian innovation ecosystem and has started, led, or invested in more than two dozen tech start-ups. In addition to leading the Alliance as Executive Director, he serves on the City Council for the City of Pasadena and he is a founder of Innovate Pasadena (, which is dedicated to advancing the Eastside of Los Angeles as a vibrant innovation center for deep tech.

Today I talk to Andy about how his experience has given him the perspectives to always look for opportunities and find success no matter what obstacle you face.

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • Diversity is the fuel for innovation
  • Challenges equal solutions; failures are just pathways to future success
  • In difficult times, it is how you respond that makes the difference
  • Grit and resilience is a trait of successful leadership

Leader Action Plan:

  • Seek to have a diverse team of advisors (education, training, experiences, race, gender, etc)
  • Understand that we are in a constant state of disruption. Embrace and feed into the growth mindset

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