Leader Academy I – Tactical

Functional leadership propels us to a greater future for our self, our teams, and our organizations. Through self-awareness, an emphasis on personal growth, and building teams – Level I leaders speed the growth process. A focus is on adapting to organizational requirements, achieving occupational proficiency, and learning how to be a highly productive members of the organization. Individuals prepare for increased responsibilities to ensure they are prepared to broaden their developmental skill-set and pursue learning through mentoring and coaching relationships.

Level I leaders are predominantly direct and face to face. They strive to become the best functional leaders and team members possible. As they increase in position, they also begin to develop others and serve as first line supervisors and team leaders. The primary focus is tactical expertise to effectively and efficiently accomplish the job to be done, utilizing the available personnel and resources. The aim is to propel self and team to a greater future in developing both the character and the competence needed in the pursuit of effective leadership.

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Leader Academy II – Operational

How do you discover what is next? It is through a critical look in the mirror. Level II leaders are the master adaptors. They are able to fit into any situation and lead through it, as well as stand out as the go-to team leader. The primary focus is continuing growth in their area of expertise, roles, and responsibilities. At the same time these leaders, develop as supervisors, managers, and mentors. Self-awareness is critical to lead peers and subordinates through challenging times. Level II Leaders develop foundational leadership competencies in preparation for increased responsibilities while continuing to broaden their skill set through coaching, mentoring, and professional development.

These culture champions are involved in tasks that become more complex and sophisticated. They transition from being expert technicians and first line supervisors to leaders who have broader operational leadership, supervisory, and managerial responsibilities. They use their expertise and experience as well as their management and leadership skills to maximize the job to be done. A focus is on developing strengths, experience, and influence. Together, we remake the power grid on crisp, effective leadership – defined by character and competence.

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Leader Academy III – Strategic

We create the platform for leaders who are ingenuous, resourceful and want to make a difference. The Level III Leader Academy prepares leaders in a continuously modern mix that is functional and convertible to challenge the status quo. Fit for the elements, this fresh outlook in executive leadership development introduces the next generation of innovation – adaptable to build cultures of high-performance, execution, and accountability.

Level III leaders cross a variety of industry verticals and business disciplines. They serve to further grow their organizations and develop their teams, peers, and subordinates. They continue to build upon their leadership competencies and have a great deal of experience and ability to leverage resources and personnel.

This level of leadership involves leaders with responsibilities for large organizations or systems, decision making processes, and deal with issues requiring more inter-organizational cooperation and longer time-frames. We coach these leaders in their continued development of the leadership competencies to improve their ability to influence others, participate in top-level decision making, and lead far-reaching programs. The primary focus at this level is the strategic leadership and management of the organization to hack principles and practices to best pull the future forward for themselves, their teams, and the organization.

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