N2Growth’s Mike Myatt Authors New Book Entitled “Leadership Matters”

N2Growth announced today that Mike Myatt, its Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer has authored a new book entitled “Leadership Matters…The CEO Survival Manual” which is due to be released in time for Christmas Sales. The book is written for both aspiring CEOs and those that already hold the title of Chief Executive Officer. Authored by Mike Myatt, America’s Top CEO Coach, the book provides a rare look at what it takes to survive and thrive as a CEOs in today’s competitive business world.

The “CEO Survival Manual” contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1:     Introduction…A Little Perspective On What Really Matters
Chapter 2:     CEO…The Toughest Job On The Org Chart
Chapter 3:     Becoming a True Leader…Do You Have What It Takes?
Chapter 4:     Speed, Timing & Innovation…Leading Change as a CEO
Chapter 5:     Talent Management for the CEO
Chapter 6:     Creating Dominant Corporate Brands
Chapter 7:     The Value of Process
Chapter 8:     The 7 Secret Weapons of Great CEOs
Chapter 9:     The 5 Traps That Great CEOs Avoid
Postscript:    It’s How You Finish That Counts

“With the tenure of CEOs being at an all time low, the demands upon the chief executive have never been more challenging or less forgiving. In today’s rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive global market, CEOs must be on top of their game. While the C-suite used to provide a level of insulation and protection those days are long gone… A CEO’s ability to survive will be directly influenced by their competency in providing leadership, generating consistent and sustainable results, effectively stewarding the corporate brand, adeptly managing talent and your ability to positively influence multiple constituencies. The book addresses all these issues and more” said Mike Myatt, Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer at N2Growth.