Manage Risk – Accelerate Success
The funny thing about timing is that sometimes it works to your advantage and sometimes it doesn’t. One thing we can promise you, is that at some point your organization will experience either a planned or an unplanned transition on your executive team. The harsh reality is that even with all the emphasis on succession planning and leadership development, nobody can offer a 100% guarantee that your company, team or culture will have the right option when needed.

When organizations find themselves in need of filling a key executive role on an interim basis, N2Growth offers interim executive placement for as few as 90 days and for up to 12 months. We have a deep bench of board and C-level leaders in our Executive In Residence (EIR) program. N2Growth EIRs are tried and trusted executives who have led before and who can minimize the risk of important transitions when a vacuum needs to be filled.

If your organization needs to make a short or mid-term transition and needs an experienced outside-in perspective, then we invite you to contact us.

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