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    Operational chaos occurs when organizations press for change and innovation without a foundation of understanding. Leading effective change only happens through sound design. Let N2Growth's OD team help you design your future.

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N2Growth’s OD team doesn’t just build process, they help clients design transformation, engineer innovation, and lead change. Our collaboration with clients simplifies the complex, disrupts mediocrity, and shows clients how to stop doing things that don’t add value. We provide organizations with the foundation for scale and change.  Culture can evolve by design or by default – the former is always more beneficial than the latter.

At N2Growth we understand organizations are complex cultural eco-systems which require an integrated approach to strategic planning, leadership development, organizational design, coaching, diversity, and work-life balance to thrive. Organizations that fail to understand how these segments compliment one another will always wonder why other companies seem to have the “it factor” they desire, but cannot seem to find.


Far more than just process and structure

Organizational Design is far more than just process and structure. It is at its essence aligning values, talent, culture, and strategy with the vision and mission of the enterprise.  Great organizational design requires a systemic approach, which embraces the entire ecosystem of an organization. At N2Growth we believe organizational design is about creating a culture of leadership.

At N2Growth we like to think of organizational design more along the lines of organizational development. It’s important to remember plans don’t develop people – experiences do. Therefore organizational development is much more of a day-to-day leadership reality than a theoretical management exercise. That said, it’s not as simple as a top-down initiative. High performance cultures embrace organizational design from the bottom-up, outside-in, and inside-out, as well as top down.

Organizational Design has much more to do with working across segments to optimize span of awareness and influence rather than working up and down segments to optimize control. If you’re interested in doing more by doing better – not just optimizing efficiency, but by maximizing effectiveness then N2Growth is ready to help.


Good corporate strategy is fluid and evolving.

The N2Growth Strategy Practice assists boards and chief executives with the design, planning, execution, and development of strategic initiatives. Put simply, a strategy that isn’t actionable, scalable and sustainable isn’t much of a strategy.

With all of today’s emphasis on pleasing investors by meeting short-term financial expectations, it is not at all uncommon for many executives to press for better execution when what they really need is a better strategy. Conversely, other executives change strategic direction when what they should do is demand better execution. The truth of the matter is a sound strategic plan can be executed with a high probability of success, whereas a flawed strategy is almost impossible to execute profitably.

A good corporate strategy is fluid and evolving. A strategy must be able to anticipate and accommodate change. The harsh truth is many companies have a static strategy, which lacks cultural and organizational alignment. Strategic thinking is a leadership skill which should be deeply ingrained throughout the enterprise – a strategy that lacks buy-in and alignment is destined to be a failed strategy from the outset. Following are just a few representative examples of areas where we can assist you in your strategic planning:

Strategy design, review or refresh
Strategic research and analysis (leadership, market, competition, etc.)
Strategic implementation support
Board and C-level facilitation of strategic planning sessions


Far more than process and structure.

Too many companies forget about the need for, and power of innovation. Without a dedicated focus on innovation it is only a matter of time until a business cannot attract or retain talent, suffers from obsolescence due to the innovation of others and watches their brand fall into decline.

Innovation is not the same thing as process engineering. Implementing Six Sigma or other process engineering programs to achieve short-term incremental gains in existing processes is not the same thing as adopting an innovation management approach which looks for long term gains in new areas which may require completely new business processes to be adopted. While both process engineering and innovation management are necessary and can and should overlap, they are not the same thing.