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    Strategy done right must be strategy done differently. There are no canned, dated methodologies or one size fits all strategy solutions here – just smart, fast, strategy innovation. We do it differently because you deserve a strategy advantage.


Question: What’s Wrong With The Traditional Approach To Strategy?

Answer: Nearly Everything.

The approach being taken by traditional strategy firms has been broken for years. It’s dated. It often operates in a vacuum. It takes far too long to deliver value (if value is ever delivered). It creates a dependent relationship on a consulting firm stifling the client’s internal talent and leadership development. And, It’s way too expensive. In short, traditional strategy consulting is just more of the same – mediocrity being sold as best practices. Here’s why we’re different – if this doesn’t speak to you it should:

You own the processwe simply provide the framework. You own the deliverywe’re there if you need us. We don’t control the knowledgewe transfer it. We don’t replace your team or do their job for themwe develop them.


It’s not what you know about strategy that matters – it’s what you don’t. Nowhere does a lack of vision, errors in judgment, leadership blind spots, or a lack of innovation create more peril for a business than in the area of strategy.

Think micro not macro – think agile not bloated – think about how to pull the future forward. Good strategy produces quick, visible wins and competitive advantage. Everything else is useless column fodder.

Our proprietary jump-start micro strategy framework was born out of a next practices mentality that focuses less on planning and more on action. We have a totally unique perspective on strategy – we don’t offer a strategy methodology. We offer innovative thinking and next practices on how to realize strategy and sustain competitive advantage.


Our difference is definable, differentiated, deliverable, disruptive, and scalable. It’s a vertically integrated, cross-functional approach that is built upon micro-strategy jumpstart frameworks. No canned processes here, taking you down a path you don’t want to travel. We start at the biggest point of impact, move quickly with purpose, and expand from there.

Everything needs a strategy, everything is strategy. Our proprietary jump-start micro strategy frameworks create an evolving eco-system not a plan. We don’t produce tired slide decks, we help you operationalize innovation and competitive advantage – big difference.

We leverage thought leadership and deep domain expertise across our global practice areas of strategy, culture transformation, leadership development, organizational design, risk, executive search, and executive coaching. It’s not strategy in a vacuum, but applying innovation to your old strategy process to create greater velocity, value and advantage.


When was the last time you applied innovation to the process of how your organization develops and executes strategy? Just as the pace of business and change is accelerating, so to should your strategy management process. At N2Growth we have applied innovations in strategy formulation and execution from around the globe to develop and deliver a different and better strategic planning process. An agile process that is designed for execution from the beginning, leverages technology to help you rapidly identify the unique value proposition your customers want, involves a large number of your board, leadership and management team members so they own it, integrates with your leadership development, talent management and organizational development initiatives and follows an approach that accelerates execution and change while reducing the risks to success.

Strategy has to be led by leaders, has to be implemented by people with the right skills and attitudes and sustained with a winning culture. To realize breakthrough results, strategy cannot and should not be developed in a vacuum by a handful of executives at the top of the organization focused solely on achieving outcome” lagging” strategic objectives for market share, revenue and profit growth. Breakthrough results will be realized when an agile process is leveraged that involves key stakeholders from the board room to the front line and includes not only outcome objectives but also driver (leading) objectives focused on leadership development, business process improvement, organization structure, talent management and culture. These “leading” objectives included and integrated into your strategy will drive change in how you operate which will lead to realization of the breakthrough results you are after.


Diversity in thought and experience leads to great strategic initiatives. Our team is comprised of experienced industry leading thought leaders (we not the people implementing ideas read in books, we’re the people writing the books), disruptive GenX and GenY creative thinkers, and deep domain experts via the industry’s leading Executive In Residence program. No never-ending processes here – we start anywhere and go anywhere based upon your needs combined with our strategy jump-start framework. Following are just a few representative areas where we deliver value:

  • Seamlessly integrate leadership, strategy, culture, brand, talent and performance
  • Bring creative, new thinking and development to your internal strategy team
  • Change your existing strategy planning process to deliver better results
  • Accelerate strategy development, execution and realization
  • Execute your key strategic initiatives
  • Integrate your key human capital programs
  • Facilitate broad scale organizational change
  • Ensure breakthrough results are achieved and sustained over the long term
  • Provide you with trusted advice and guidance throughout the process


Information security is a business issue and not solely a technology “thing” that’s managed by the Information Technology (IT) department. We seek to understand your business needs first, so your information security investment provides the greatest value. N2Growth Cybersecurity advisors work diligently to effectively and efficiently secure our client’s business.