Myatt: Legal Lab 2015

The LEGAL LAB was designed to bring together a select group of thought leaders from the legal industry to exchange ideas and serve as visionary agents of change. The inaugural event will provide a unique setting that promotes productive dialogue, easy exchange of ideas and an exclusive network for industry peers to develop strategies to ­accelerate the pace of change across the legal vertical.

The job of a leader is to lead, to envision, to persuade and to effect change when change is needed. As one of the world’s most recognized authorities on leadership, Mike Myatt will share his experience and insights in working with Fortune 500 CEO’s and their Boards of Directors on how today’s corporations are “pulling the future forward.” What are the leadership traits required for navigating today’s complex business environment? How do you successfully bring others along in these pursuits? Mike will share a ‘Ted talk’ style keynote message with ample time for you to respond to the strategy, leadership and change related issues on your mind.

Myatt: 2015 World Leaders Conference

Mike Myatt will be a backstage host and facilitator at the 2015 World Leaders Conference on March 4th at the Palm Beach Convention Center. Join Mike Myatt along with speakers like Ken Blanchard, Ben Carson, Drew Brees, Suzy Welch, Dr. Henry Cloud and others.