Marinda Carelsen

Partner - Sydney, Australia

Marinda Carelsen

Partner - Sydney, Australia


Marinda Carelsen is a Partner at N2Growth, overseeing the firm's operations in Australia based out of Sydney. She showcases an unyielding commitment to promoting transformative leadership and advancing organizational excellence, effectively translating strategic visions into tangible outcomes by cultivating dynamic leadership teams. With over twenty years of broad expertise spanning entrepreneurship, global expansion, sales & marketing, corporate strategy, and innovation consulting, Marinda has honed her specialization in the education, energy, and technology sectors.

Marinda's educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Honors in Psychology and Psychometry from the University of Pretoria and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from AGSM. This rich amalgamation of skills equips her with a nuanced understanding of strategic drivers and the subtleties of human behavior, optimizing performance levels.

As an integral part of N2Growth, Marinda forms strong alliances with boards, CEOs, and executive teams of Australia's most forward-thinking organizations. She excels in orchestrating Top Team Effectiveness workshops, offering valuable guidance to executives transitioning into pivotal C-suite roles, and supporting their journey through the peaks and valleys of leadership. Marinda employs her astute insights and comprehensive assessment data to aid boards and CEOs in making strategic choices related to governance, selection, succession, and development planning. By aligning the right individuals with the right roles, she assists organizations in carving out a distinctive and enduring competitive edge.

Rooted in a familial background deeply ingrained in philanthropy, Marinda harbors a strong passion for empowering profit-for-purpose organizations. Her father's ministerial service and her mother's enduring commitment to charitable fundraising have inspired Marinda's sincere dedication to fostering a positive societal impact. Marinda's active engagement in the NSW tech startup community has fueled a keen interest in the Private Equity and Venture Capital sectors. Her extensive understanding of the dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem enables her to build strategic partnerships with organizations in quest of transformative leadership.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Marinda appreciates the serene environment of her mountain farm in the Hunter Valley, a stark contrast to the vibrant energy of Sydney. Here, she finds tranquility in solitary mountain hikes and relishes the preparation of sumptuous delicacies for loved ones in the warmth of an open fire.

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Executive Search Firm | Board, CEO & C-Suite Executive Recruitment - N2Growth


Our executive search practice in Sydney, Australia focuses on senior executive, board and C-Suite searches. The world’s leading brands seek our counsel to build best-in-class leadership teams, to manage performance, and for succession planning. 

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Executive coaching, leadership development and assessments - N2Growth


Our broad portfolio of executive coaching & leadership development services in Sydney, Australia pushes companies and teams to greatness, whether through 1:1 executive coaching or enterprise-wide leadership advisory. There actually is a silver bullet in business – it’s called great leadership.

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