Transform Your Executive Search with Vue by N2Growth

At N2Growth, we understand the complexities of modern executive search. Introducing Vue, our innovative tool designed to revolutionize and streamline your search process. Experience transparency, data-driven insights, and unparalleled collaboration, all in one platform.

Unleashing the Power of Data-Driven Talent Discovery

The best executive candidates are more than their resumes. Vue’s advanced data-driven approach offers a holistic view of every potential hire. By leveraging over 50 distinct data points, from leadership competencies to business outcome metrics, Vue ensures you’re presented with candidates that truly match your organization’s needs.

Vue's Unique Candidate Assessment Features:

  • Comprehensive whole-person analysis backed by psychometric research
  • Personalized executive coaching recommendations from N2Growth’s elite coaches
  • Emphasis on diversity and equity, ensuring talent from every background is fairly represented and assessed

Stay Ahead with Comprehensive Leadership Assessment & Market Intelligence

Vue isn’t just another search tool; it’s a powerhouse for leadership assessment and market intelligence. Every piece of feedback, data point, and insight is stored and ready for your reference. Coupled with AI-driven insights and real-time industry data, Vue ensures your hiring decisions remain agile, informed, and ahead of the curve.

With Vue, You Get:

  • Seamless integration of leadership assessments
  • AI-driven insights on compensation trends and talent mobility
  • Real-time updates to ensure your hiring strategy remains competitive

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Transforming Global Executive Search

Modern executive search demands efficiency, transparency, and collaboration. Vue delivers on all fronts. This state-of-the-art, cloud-based engagement engine guarantees visibility into every nuance of your search process. Vue keeps you and your team connected and informed from candidate sourcing to final interviews.

Why Vue Stands Out

  • 24/7 access to your entire search pipeline
  • Real-time updates on global search assignments
  • Eliminate disparate systems with Vue as your singular source of truth

Transforming the Future of Executive Search

Vue redefines the executive search experience by offering unparalleled transparency and collaboration at every stage of the process. Our proprietary platform provides you with 24/7 access to talent insights, reporting, and analytics to make informed leadership hiring decisions– faster and better.

Uncovering the Best Talent: Take Your Organization to the Next Level

With AI-powered data streams, Vue draws out talent insights in compensation, geography, and talent mobility– giving you deep market awareness of where available talent sits and identifying the largest possible pipeline of top executives for your organization using a comprehensive whole-person analysis backed by psychometric research comprised of 50+ data points, matching leadership competencies and capacity to drive business outcomes. 

Vue evaluates hundreds of thousands of executive candidates and measures them against your organization’s business and leadership requirements. These insights are exclusive and de-risk the executive hiring process by going beyond what other firms provide to identify top talent for today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. 

Boards and CEOs will be empowered to align business strategy with talent strategy in entirely new ways– accelerating organizational performance. Learn more

Vue & N2Growth: Leading the Charge in Transparency in Search

Vue embodies N2Growth’s commitment to redefining executive search. In a dynamic and ever-changing business landscape, Vue stands as a beacon of transparency, accessibility, and actionable insights for you and your team. Join us in pioneering a new age of search, where every decision is backed by data, expertise, and collaboration.

Ready to redefine your executive search? Contact us today to learn more about Vue powered by N2Growth.

"Powerful—that's how I'd describe our experience with N2Growth. From the beginning of the search, the N2 team was clearly oriented to our highest-value business needs and priorities, and Vue offered in-depth data that guided our decisions at every stage. The executive we hired has far exceeded our expectations."

— VP Talent, Transportation & Supply Chain

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