N2Growth was named to the 2017 list of the world’s Top 20 Leadership Development Firms published by TrainingIndustry.com. Companies on this prestigious list were recognized for thought leadership, innovative services offerings, and quality of clientele.

We have one goal at N2Growth — to help your organization create a purpose driven, scalable, culture of leadership. There actually is a silver bullet in business; it’s called great leadership.

Corporate cultures not nourished simply cannot flourish. The best companies don’t leverage their people, they create leverage for their people – we can help you accomplish this.

You don’t simply just become a leader one moment, and then cease to need learning and development in the next moment. The moment a leader stops development is precisely the moment they start cheating themselves and those they lead.

Put simply, those leaders who fail to develop will be replaced by those who do. Static leaders govern stagnant organizations, while developing leaders lead growing organizations.

N2Growth Leadership Development Services:

  • Individual, Team & Enterprise LD Programs
  • Workshops and Facilitations
  • Corporate Learning
  • Human Resources Advisory Services
  • Board Advisory Services
  • Social Enterprise Design
  • Talent Management & Team Building
  • Executive Development & Coaching
  • Onboarding, Transition & Succession


It's about leadership, communication, and relationships

Team Building and Talent Management are about leadership, communication, and relationships – they are people businesses not a process businesses. Acquiring talent is one thing – getting them to play nicely together can be quite another. While all companies aspire to harness the benefits of a diverse and talented workforce, few have figured out how to leverage the synergies rather than be distracted by the differences.

At N2Growth we understand the complexities associated with aligning a diverse workforce. Navigating multi-cultural, multi-generational groups often requires the ability to close personal, positional, philosophical, and professional gaps. It requires less training and more development, understanding there is often as much value in unlearning as there is learning, and embracing dissenting opinions rather than silencing them. It’s about learning to disagree without being disagreeable – about fearing being wrong, more than being proven wrong.

N2Growth offers facilitation, development and advisory services to help your organization perform like a well tuned symphony orchestra rather than an elementary school band – both play music, but the former plays it more eloquently, more efficiently, more effectively and more enjoyably than the latter.


The Board of Directors can and should be a strategic asset.

The expectations for Board engagement, ethics, governance and overall performance have never been higher.  Boards are under pressure from the capital markets, media, regulators, shareholders, the CEO and other constituencies to provide strategic value and to ensure the sustainability of the enterprise through executive transitions and complex market conditions. Whether it’s advising individual Board members,lead directors, key committee chairs, or working with the entire Board, N2Growth’s offers the following Board Advisory services:


  • Director Assessment and Evaluation
  • Director Selection and Composition
  • Director Succession and Assimilation
  • Board Advisory, Consulting and Development
  • CEO & CXO Succession and Assimilation
  • Board & C-level Recruiting
  • CEO and Board Coaching
  • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Consulting
  • Compensation Committee Assistance
  • Equity Strategy Management
  • Crisis Management

Few things can influence executive leadership like an engaged, productive, and insightful Board of Directors. N2Growth has deep expertise in adding leverage to Boards by helping them identify their needs, align their resources, lead in the present, and plan for the future. If you’re ready to maximize the impact, effectiveness, and efficiency of your Board, then we should talk.


Succession is not an HR problem. It’s a leadership issue.

Of all the risks to an enterprise, the most costly and disruptive are problematic transitions and assimilations at the Board and C-level. It’s been said there is no success without a successor. Succession at the higher echelons is a reality of business, but the fact is, some organizations handle it better than others. For leadership to have continuity, scalability, and sustainability, a framework for succession must be woven into the organizational and cultural fabric of the enterprise – this is where things get a bit tricky.

Succession is not an HR problem – it’s a leadership issue.  At its essence a Board, CEO or CXO succession is a collaboration between diverse constituencies. Succession is more than planning as plans don’t develop people – experiences do. Succession is more than recruiting – hiring a successor candidate is not the solution, it’s the beginning of the journey. There are many consultancies who want to put you through their “succession process” –  at N2Growth we collaborate with clients in engineering an outcome based approach to succession that meets the strategic, organizational, cultural, and operational needs of your organization.

While most organizations have dealt with succession planning at some level, rarely is it dealt with at all levels by touching the necessary constituencies with appropriate timing and care.  Succession needs to be part of the values, vision, strategy and culture of an organization. It must be embraced by leadership, communicated to the workforce, and understood by external stakeholders. It must be viewed as a step forward and not a regression.


While many will overcomplicate succession, others tend to trivialize it. The truth is succession is a blending of the art and science of leadership, people, positions, philosophies, relationships, culture, and a certainty of execution – it’s what we do. N2Growth has conducted hundreds of succession engagements and is adept at understanding the unique issues surrounding each client’s succession challenges. We make it simple to understand, communicate and deliver.

Whether you’re charged with the responsibility for the entire succession lifecycle, or any component thereof, N2Growth can be a valuable partner in facilitating a successful outcome.


You cannot establish a leading enterprise without first having a learning enterprise.

It’s been said you cannot establish a leading enterprise without first having a learning enterprise. N2Growth helps companies become better stewards, custodians, and curators of their collective intelligence through best in class corporate learning design and facilitation. We help you to maximize the value of your individual and corporate knowledge, as well as to leverage the value of your intellectual property and capital. Knowledge that isn’t understandable, actionable, distributable, and scalable isn’t nearly as valuable as knowledge that is.

Whether it is auditing or enhancing current training and development initiatives, or aiding clients in the design of new learning initiatives, N2Growth can be trusted to be your corporate learning partner. From the design and delivery of individual curriculum, to the implementation of corporate universities and points in between, N2Growth can increase both the velocity and passion of the rate at which your organization learns and grows. The following are just a few representative service areas where N2Growth can positively influence learning across the enterprise:

  • Design of internal and external coaching and mentoring programs
  • Design and/or facilitation of leadership development programs and curriculum
  • Design of corporate university platforms
  • Design and/or implementation of online learning platforms
  • Design of business intelligence and knowledge management programs
  • Design of thought leadership platforms


For Profit. For a Purpose.

If you think your company can forgo incorporating social purpose into your business model – think again. If you believe social enterprise design is just another compliance box to be checked – you’re sorely mistaken. Neither is doing well by doing good, it is just another marketing/branding initiative.

Social purpose and profit motive are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the best businesses today, the ones most likely to be here for the long haul, invest in social enterprise not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it accelerates growth.