Our executive search firm is best known for our track record of handling highly confidential and complex Board, CEO and C-Suite retained search assignments.

N2Growth understands that you’re not simply looking to fill a vacancy with an executive search firm, but rather, you’re looking for a leader who can help take your company to its desired future state. You’re ultimately looking to solve a business problem with a great hire. We come alongside you to figure out what that looks like, and then we find that perfect-fit leader, wherever in the world they might be. And we do that with a level of speed and precision that no other retained search firm can match.

We have created a completely unique retained search experience for our clients, built for how search should work, not just how it’s always been done. We pair best-in-class research capabilities with an internal commitment to cutting-edge technology and product development. This produces deep, rich talent pipelines across all industries and geographies for our clients.  Our transparent search application, known as N2Vue, gives clients 24/7 access to their entire pipeline with real-time reporting, data and analytics. N2Growth also uses a bespoke pricing model that offers a variety of engagement options to accommodate virtually any company. We meet you where you are instead of forcing you into an outdated, industry standard pricing model. Overall, our unique process is co-created with each client to deliver what they need, when they need it. 

Nothing at N2Growth is “industry standard,” and that includes our performance. In every meaningful category of measurement, we rank at or near the top of our profession. N2Growth’s executive search practice has been continuously named one of the top search firms in the world for a reason. We invite you to join Fortune 500 companies, leading private equity firms, fast-growing startups, and successful middle-market companies in selecting N2Growth as your preferred leadership and talent partner.

Industry leading performance metrics

There’s a reason our search firm is growing at five times the industry average, winning 86% of our competitive selling opportunities, and are rated higher in client satisfaction – we outperform the industry in every meaningful category of performance measure.

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More diverse teams are better teams. We have a proven track record of helping organizations get there with some of the highest diverse placement rates in the industry.

We are on a mission to help companies become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. First, because it’s the right thing to do. Second, because it will make your team perform at a higher level, the C-Suite’s diversity of thought and perspective leads to better decision-making and better outcomes. 

Our search consultants have the major global reach, infrastructure, and network because we are a top-ranked search firm. And we are harnessing those resources to advance the mission of increased equity at the executive level. If your company is looking to diversify its leadership team, we can provide you with unparalleled access to the executives you need but can’t seem to find.

Whatever your unique company culture needs to diversify, to become that equitable microcosm of society that you aspire to be, we can help.

Many organizations have established robust DE&I education and training programs. While incredibly important, training alone is not enough. It’s a starting point. Leaders need to identify, attract, and retain diverse leaders that will be a culture add and help accelerate your organization toward a better future. A more aware culture is one thing, but when diverse employees can look around the organization and see other people like them, that represents real change.

We’re ready to partner with you to co-create a more equitable future together.

We understand the intricacies of leadership and have a robust network with unfettered access to tier one talent.

The boardroom has never been under more scrutiny. At a time when expectations for board engagement, ethics, governance and overall performance have never been higher, many boards lack diversity and leadership.

Boards are under pressure from the capital markets, media, regulators, shareholders, CEOs, and other constituencies to provide strategic value and ensure the enterprise’s sustainability through executive transitions and complex market conditions. Whether it’s advising individual Board members, lead directors, committee chairs, or working with the entire Board, our Board of Directors search firm offers the following Board Advisory services:

• Director/Board Assessment and Evaluation
• Director Selection and Board Composition
• Director Succession and Assimilation
• Board Advisory, Consulting and Development
• CEO & CXO Succession and Assimilation
• Board & C-level Recruiting
• CEO and Board Coaching
• Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Consulting
• Compensation Committee Assistance
• Equity Strategy Management
• Crisis Management

Few things can influence executive leadership, like an engaged, productive, and insightful Board of Directors. Our team has deep expertise in amplifying Boards by helping them identify their needs, align their resources, lead in the present, and plan for the future. If you’re ready to maximize the impact, effectiveness, and efficiency of your Board, then we should talk.

"Working with N2Growth has been a true pleasure. They’ve exceeded our expectations in every way. The entire team took the time to understand our company's culture, placing us with incredible talent at an extraordinary pace."

—Payam Shohadai, Luma Pictures

N2Growth offers both enterprise level and individual assistance to executives entering a career transition.

Our corporate programs are specifically designed to NOT resemble traditional outplacement services. We offer a highly engaged client experience that not only enhances and protects the employer brand, but offers a next generation, value added service for employees easing the burden of transition, while creating a strong corporate alumni population. Your ex-employees say as much about your brand as your current employees – we make sure those teammates being transitioned still feel like they’re a part of the team.

The individual program is tailored to senior executives contemplating the thought of career transition as well as those already in the midst of a transition. Think of it like this – few things are as important as making the right moves when it comes to career management. Our services are to executives like sports agents are to athletes. Our cadre of coaches and advisors are experienced in working with Board and C-Level executives in navigating the complexities of making the right moves, at the right times, for the right reasons.

"Compromise has its place in business - but it has no place in the talent acquisition process."

— Mike Myatt, Chairman

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