President & CEO Search – Insurance

The Challenge

A well-known national health insurer experienced significant growth in their business, expanding their services to include ancillary insurance products. This rapid growth in additional services put a severe operational, technological, and cultural strain on the company. The leadership team and company infrastructure were not equipped to deal with a large, dynamic, and diversified company. 

Internal conflict manifested into external struggles, resulting in declining customer service and satisfaction. On top of this, a major software and technology overhaul was delayed and over budget. The board recognized the need for a new President & CEO to lead the company out of the turmoil and into its next growth phase.

The Mission to Find a President & CEO

The insurer partnered with N2Growth to find an executive who could stop operational missteps,  implement efficiencies, navigate cultural confusion, and lead the team through the next growth stage. Due to a close collaboration throughout the engagement, the team identified the company’s short, medium, and long-term business objectives. It became clear the insurer needed a candidate who could lead a company through a digital transformation, manage both health and ancillary insurance products, and possess strong leadership skills to guide the internal team and culture through change and growth.

The Result

In less than sixty days since the launch of the engagement, N2Growth uncovered the perfect President & CEO candidate to lead the insurance company; she was a passive candidate and not in the market for a new role. After three conversations with N2Growth, discussing the opportunity and career growth potential, the candidate became interested in hearing more. 

A total of eight candidates were presented, and seven moved forward to discussions with the insurer’s senior leadership team and board. The passive candidate began to appreciate the challenges and opportunities available with the insurer and this specific CEO role. She concluded this position would be an excellent opportunity to impact her career and the company substantially. She quickly accepted the offer.

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