N2Growth’s venture capital and private equity executive search firm finds and places the world’s best leaders in early and growth-stage companies. We have unfettered access to leaders who have repeatedly proven themselves in this environment

As a diverse group of prior management consultants, search partners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, operators, and investors, our team is incredibly well equipped to service high growth businesses. 

We have a global team working across borders and time zones to find the very best talent in the world. Every search is fully staffed with two to three times the number of consultants relative to the market norm. Our team has years of collective experience in executive search, management consulting, academia, entrepreneurship, and general management. 

N2Growth has been named a Top Executive Search Firm by Forbes for six years running and works at the top echelons of the recruiting and executive search industry. Our reputation and history of excellence in the market provide us with access to the most established leaders in the world. This directly translates to our ability to source and recruit the best talent for your organization.

Better minds translate to superior results for our clients. We strictly hire people with discerning eyes for talent who are keen on the difference between an A and B+ players … and we proudly recruit and place A-talent because better talent wins.

Our job is to find you remarkable talent in the market, offer insights on candidates beyond anything you will experience elsewhere, and recruit them to the opportunity as a trusted extension of your brand. We use a constellation of cutting edge technology tools to support that effort, and provide those synthesized insights to you in a transparent, easy to use technology platform.  We do our job with precision, speed, and discipline, all in an effort to generate the best outcome imaginable. 

We have a tried-and-true methodology to establish an accurate understanding of the key attributes that make the perfect leader for your context; the leader who is best positioned to solve the most pressing challenges of your business. A robust set of psychometric and case-study based leadership assessments juxtaposed against the scorecard help provide you with a pipeline of high-fit candidates. N2Growth does not just send you resumes for you to sift through, but rather, we provide you with a set of rigorously evaluated and hirable candidates. We’ve become experts at playing matchmaker because we’ve layered in the extra steps necessary to assess the entirety of a candidate, examining candidate qualities within the context of organizational culture. This is why N2Growth boasts a 98% stick rate. In fact, over 50% of clients have been so pleased with the process that they retained us for a second search before we even completed the first one.

Private Equity Search

Our private equity executive search practice specializes in building high performance executive teams for private equity-backed companies. Industry focus areas include B2C, B2B Vertical Software, Healthcare, Information Technology, and EdTech. N2Growth has deep domain expertise in most sub-segments of private equity and is well versed in building high-performance leadership teams for our clients to maximize stakeholder value. Role specialties include:

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Digital Officer
Chief People Officer

Venture Capital Executive Search

Companies are built around two primary assets: their people and products. N2Growth specializes in helping young companies attract tier 1 leadership talent through its market-leading executive search practice.

We serve venture capitalists and startup founders. Most venture firms today maintain an internal talent function with talent partners overseeing and helping fill the human capital needs of their portfolio companies. This is a testament to the importance investors place on having the right people in the right jobs within their investments.

Like the investors we partner with, we also know that smart entrepreneurs surround themselves with complementary talent to fill blind spots and perfect their strategies as they build. We are experts at recruiting the best talent in the market. Based on our years of experience, we understand the unique dynamics that exist within organizations and offer our expert advice on talent strategy for entrepreneurs and investors alike. N2Growth then facilitates alignment with stakeholders and carries out the client’s talent strategy with precision and discipline.

There is a direct correlation between the quality of a company’s people and the value that collective talent creates. We measure value creation in young companies as, among other things, the measurable impact they have on top-line growth, product innovation, customer satisfaction, and the overall culture of the company and workplace environment. In a small company, every role is critical and we find leaders who will make a lasting impact and change the trajectory of your organization. Role specialties include:

Chief Customer Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Marketing Officer

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