N2Growth’s venture capital and private equity executive search firm finds and places the world’s best leaders in growth-stage companies. We have unfettered access to leaders who have repeatedly proven themselves in this environment

As a diverse collective of management consultants, search partners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, operators, and investors, we are ideally suited to service high-growth businesses. Our team works globally, transcending borders and time zones to scout for the best talent worldwide. Each search is intensively staffed, with two to three times the number of consultants relative to the market average. With a rich heritage spanning executive search, management consulting, academia, entrepreneurship, and general management, we have accumulated hundreds of years of collective experience.

Forbes has named our firm near the top of the list of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms for seven straight years. This recognition places us at the forefront of the recruiting and executive search industry. Our illustrious reputation and history of excellence grant us access to the world’s most influential leaders. This access directly amplifies our capability to source and recruit top-tier talent for your portfolio companies.

All Recruiters Aren’t Created Equally: Our team’s ability to discern between good and great allows us to deliver superior results consistently. We’re steadfast in our commitment to recruiting only the A-players; we know that the right talent is the game-changer.

Proven Formula: Our tried-and-true methodology enables us to understand the key traits of an ideal leader for your unique context, adept at tackling your most pressing challenges. We use psychometric and case-study-based assessments to create a pipeline of suitable candidates, not just a pile of resumes. We stand out by thoroughly assessing a candidate’s qualities within your organizational culture, which has earned us a 98% stick rate. Our process is so effective that over half of our clients rehire us for a second search before we even complete the first.

Private Equity Search Solutions: Unlocking Growth Through Leadership

At N2Growth, we are driven by one mission: the formation of extraordinary executive teams for technology companies that are on the cutting edge, and are supported by the pillars of private equity. Our approach is not just about filling positions; it’s about unlocking the true potential within organizations and maximizing the value delivered to all stakeholders. This is what distinguishes us in the ever-evolving world of private equity.

Our Focus Industries: We have meticulously identified where our expertise has the most impact.

  • B2C: Enhancing customer experience through insightful leadership
  • B2B: Empowering business-to-business interactions with strategic innovation
  • Healthcare: Steering the future of health and wellness with seasoned leadership
  • Information Technology (IT): Bridging technology and business needs through transformative leadership
  • EdTech: Shaping the education of tomorrow by building visionary leadership today

Our Approach to Building High-Performance Leadership Teams: We understand private equity’s nuances, and our meticulous approach to the leadership search allows us to exceed expectations.

  • Strategic Alignment: We begin by understanding the core values, vision, and strategy of our private equity clients, ensuring alignment with leadership potential
  • Unparalleled Search: Utilizing our extensive network and industry-leading research, we identify leadership candidates who not only fit the technical requirements but resonate with the company’s culture and mission
  • Customized Assessment: Our rigorous assessment process includes in-depth interviews, psychometric evaluations, and reference checks to ensure an exact fit for the organization’s unique needs
  • Ongoing Partnership: Our commitment doesn’t end with a successful placement. We continue to partner with our clients and the leadership teams we’ve formed, offering ongoing support and guidance

Maximizing Value: Our expertise transcends the surface of private equity. We delve into various sub-segments to provide specialized insight and solutions.

  • Growth Equity: Aligning leadership to capitalize on market opportunities
  • Buyouts: Crafting executive teams capable of driving transformation and growth
  • Venture Capital: Supporting emerging companies by connecting them with visionary leaders
  • Distressed Assets: Reinvigorating companies by installing leadership that brings revitalization and a renewed focus

The N2Growth Difference

Our relentless pursuit of excellence, our empathy-driven approach, and our global perspective make us a trusted partner for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. We are not just executive search consultants; we are growth partners, catalysts of change, and builders of leadership legacies.

You are not simply hiring a firm by choosing us for your private equity search solutions. You are engaging a dedicated team committed to transforming leadership into a competitive advantage. Contact us today to discover how we can make a difference in your organization’s growth and success.

Venture Capital Executive Search Solutions: Unleashing Exceptional Potential

At N2Growth, we fundamentally believe in the convergence of people, product, and purpose. It’s this trinity that fuels the growth engine for companies striving to reach their full potential. We excel at assisting firms in attracting top-tier leadership talent through our prominent executive search practice, extending our expertise to venture capitalists and startup founders.

Understanding the Investor’s Perspective: We acknowledge the emphasis that investors place on having the right talent in their portfolios. They seek leaders who will not only thrive in the dynamic environment but also shape the future of their industry. We are a conduit to those transformative leaders who can shift paradigms and pave new paths.

Aligning with Entrepreneurial Insight: Like our investor partners, we recognize that savvy entrepreneurs augment their strategies with complementary talent. Entrepreneurs are visionaries, and we strive to be the firm that mirrors their dynamism. Our expertise lies in recruiting the best talent and providing tailored advice on talent strategy based on our years of understanding organizational dynamics.

Executing with Precision: The journey from concept to creation is one filled with complex variables. We carefully calibrate our approach to the client’s talent strategy, aligning with stakeholders at every step. The execution is not merely a process; it’s a finely tuned endeavor to build a harmonic team that resonates with the company’s core values.

Measuring Impact and Value Creation: The quality of a company’s people directly affects the value they create. It’s more than numbers on a balance sheet; it’s the measurable impact on growth, innovation, customer satisfaction, and company culture. We delve into these metrics, analyzing the unique alchemy that makes a startup stand out from the rest.

Every Role Matters: We understand that every role in a small company is vital. From the C-suite to middle management, every leader is a catalyst for success. Our goal is to find those leaders who will substantially influence your organization’s trajectory, creating a thriving ecosystem where innovation becomes a routine.

Our Commitment to You: Our relationship with our clients transcends transactional engagements. It’s a partnership where we’re invested in your success as deeply as you are. Let N2Growth be the catalyst in your pursuit of excellence, the partner that shares your vision and ambition.

At N2Growth, we’re not just identifying leaders; we are shaping the future, one successful placement at a time. Whether it’s venture capital or a burgeoning startup, we know the nuances and have the network to turn aspirations into attainable goals. Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on a journey to success together.

Revolutionizing Search for Private Equity & Venture Capital Leaders

We are committed to transforming the future of executive search for Private Equity and Venture Capital leaders like you. Our expertise lies in executing multiple searches and managing board and executive searches for your diverse portfolio companies. As a premier Private Equity & Venture Capital Executive Search Firm, we take pride in offering unparalleled transparency, collaboration, and results-driven solutions to elevate your leadership teams to new heights.

Unveiling Exceptional Talent: Elevate Your Organization to New Horizons

Our cutting-edge cloud-based platform, Vue, lies at the heart of our game-changing executive search experience. With 24/7 access, Vue empowers you with real-time talent insights, comprehensive reporting, and data-driven analytics. This enables you to make well-informed leadership hiring decisions faster and more precisely.

Powered by AI-driven data streams, Vue delves deep into compensation trends, geographic talent distributions, and talent mobility patterns. This extensive market awareness ensures we identify the most exceptional executive candidates for your organization. Our comprehensive whole-person analysis, backed by 50+ psychometric data points, enables us to match leadership competencies and capacities with your unique business objectives.

Vue’s evaluation process involves rigorously assessing hundreds of thousands of executive candidates, meticulously aligning them with your organization’s specific business and leadership requirements. The insights we provide are exclusive, going beyond standard offerings to de-risk the executive hiring process, and they are specially tailored to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. By partnering with N2Growth, boards, and CEOs gain the power to drive entirely new ways of aligning business strategy with talent strategy, thus accelerating organizational performance to unprecedented levels.

Experience the future of executive search with Vue and N2Growth. Let us help you uncover the most exceptional leadership talent for your Private Equity and Venture Capital ventures. Together, we will navigate the complex business landscape and lead your organization to even greater success. Take the first step towards transforming your search process. Connect with us today to see how N2Growth can optimize your leadership teams by placing premier talent and growing your portfolio companies faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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