Cristian Ureta

Executive in Residence - Santiago, Chile

Cristian Ureta

Executive in Residence - Santiago, Chile


Cristián Ureta is an Executive in Residence at N2Growth Executive Search Firm & Leadership Advisory located in Santiago, Chile. He is also Managing Partner of Addval Consultancy, a company offering outsourcing services for efficient business processes in finance, accounting, and HR, among others. In recent years, Addval has become a multipurpose consultant company whose key differentiations are the comprehensive understanding of the client needs and its focus on contributing to the client's competitiveness by adding value to their process. Cristián is a Civil Engineer from the Catholic University of Chile and an Executive MBA from Stanford, United States.

Before joining Addval in 2017, Cristian spent 29 years working for Latam Airlines Cargo, where he was its CEO for 11 years, based in Miami and Santiago/Chile. During that time, the company had considerable growth throughout the region, adding several countries to its operations, like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. Latam Airlines became a leader in the region and benchmark for the global airline industry, thanks to its unique model of combination cargo with passengers business. Cristián had the opportunity to integrate diverse cultures for transformation and development.

Cristián was a member of the IATA Cargo Committee and the board of the companies Latam Cargo founded in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. He was also a member of the board of EFE (the national railway company in Chile). In addition, he has advised in strategic planning and business development to several companies in different industries like transport, retail, food, and manufacturing.

Currently, Cristián is member of the board of Antofagasta Railway (FCAB) and Etiquetas Zalaquett. He has always been a great athlete, highlighting in soccer, where he was selected for the University team and played in several amateur teams. Currently, he tries to lower his handicap on the golf links.

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