Delani Mthembu

Coaching Associate - Johannesburg, South Africa

Delani Mthembu

Coaching Associate - Johannesburg, South Africa

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Delani Mthembu serves as Coaching Associate, supporting Leadership Development at N2Growth in Johannesburg, South Africa. Delani has a Bachelor of Arts, MSc in Leadership and Innovation, and is currently completing his Ph.D. at UKZN. Delani is a trained mentor and coach and has had more than 25 years of experience in leadership and management positions, including the private sector, education, non-governmental organizations, and public enterprises.

He coaches executives across 12 African Countries in the private sector and has developed a substantial public sector coaching offering. He is a skilled facilitator and has successfully facilitated strategic sessions in a number of organizations including UNISA, ESKOM, NMCF, YMCA, University of KZN Executive, ECDC Executive, and Board to mention just a few.

Delani has lectured on a part-time basis at Tshwane University of Technology, Northwest University and the Vaal University of Technology on Leadership and Governance, and the Pretoria University Business School (Gibs) on Talent Management and Leadership in the 21st century.

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Executive Search Firm | Board, CEO & C-Suite Executive Recruitment - N2Growth


Our executive search practice in Johannesburg, South Africa focuses on senior executive, board and C-Suite searches. The world’s leading brands seek our counsel to build best-in-class leadership teams, to manage performance, and for succession planning. 

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Executive coaching, leadership development and assessments - N2Growth


Our broad portfolio of executive coaching & leadership development services in Johannesburg, South Africa pushes companies and teams to greatness, whether through 1:1 executive coaching or enterprise-wide leadership advisory. There actually is a silver bullet in business – it’s called great leadership.

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