Eduardo Aguilar

Partner - Madrid, Spain

Eduardo Aguilar

Partner - Madrid, Spain


Eduardo Aguilar is Partner at N2Growth in Madrid, Spain, and continues to hold different Board positions in Insurance and asset management entities. He is a representative of Antin Infrastructure Funds in Spain and works as an independent consultant and advisor for several companies in Spain. He is well connected with the public sector, where he has developed part of his career, and with the media. Before joining N2Growth, Eduardo worked for almost 15 years in Public Administration, mainly in the Spanish Treasury and the Ministry of Economy, overseeing Spain's foreign debt, the process of Spain joining the Monetary Union, and the Directorate of Insurance. He worked for three years in the establishment of the Energy Supervisory body.

After his career in public service, he joined Paribas and then BNP Paribas, where he worked for 19 years as a Senior Banker and head of the Investment bank in Spain. He is an economist at the University of Madrid. He took the exam to enter Public Administration in 1984 as an Economist of State and Commercial Expert. He attended Madrid University, Harvard, and MIT. With his extensive background and professional experience, Eduardo maintains strong links with the economic and financial areas of the Administration. His work spans across banking projects for large companies in Spain: insurance, energy, water, and professional services.

In the last few years, he consulted on several projects in Northern Africa, primarily Algeria and Morocco. Eduardo likes personal and professional challenges, international projects, and intellectual debates. He is motivated by organizational changes, governance challenges, Corporate and public governance, complex issues facing sectors and companies, and links between public and private interests and Boards. He is fluent in English and French, apart from Spanish, his native tongue. Likes sports and open-air activities and meeting people with ideas and projects. He entertains several initiatives and economic gatherings, including one in Capital Radio, the leading financial radio in Spain.

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