The Brilliance Of Naiveté

By Mike Myatt
Chairman, N2Growth

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I was speaking with a colleague last week who at one point in our conversation referred a third party as being naïve, to which my response was, “I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing – perhaps we should all be a bit more naïve.”  The seed I was trying to plant was that if people (particularly those in leadership) spent less time defending what they think they know, and more time exploring the vast universe of what they don’t know, we might make more progress.


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We listen to leaders who talk but we pay attention to leaders who listen.

~ Brian Layer

Important decisions are best made by a group that is diverse.
~ Patricia H. Lenkov

Good organizations post their values on every wall. Great organizations put them in every action.

~ Brian Layer

Leaders who fail to be accountable “to” their people will eventually be held accountable “by” the people.

~ Mike Myatt

Lessons from a Grand Jury

By Patricia Lenkov
Chair, Executive Search, N2growth

I spent the month of January performing my civic duty on a Grand Jury in Manhattan. Images of “Law and Order” stars on the steps of the Lower Manhattan courthouse were quickly replaced by the bleak reality of what felt like eternal days listening to the misconduct of my fellow New Yorkers.  Nevertheless, the experience turned out to be enlightening in many ways.

At the end of each case that was presented with facts, figures, commentary and an occasional video, we Grand Jurors were left to deliberate on whether indictments would ensue. This process felt oddly familiar. Here was a group of people coming together to make impactful decisions that would affect others in significant ways. I soon realized that there were numerous lessons that could be taken from this very controlled experience and applied directly to the still slightly less sanctioned boardroom.

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Are you linking your Leadership with your legacy?

~ Damian “Skipper” Pitts

Solution = Conflict + Collaboration

~ John Baldoni

Failure often leads you down the road to success.

~ Joel Garfinkle

Infographic: DNA of a Fortune 100 CEO

By Mike Myatt
Chairman, N2growth 

What does it take to be a successful CEO? Of all the questions I’m asked, this is far and away the most frequent. While I could answer the question by offering anecdotal evidence or experiential commentary, I thought I’d try something a bit different… I asked my research team to examine the biographical information of all current Fortune 100 CEOs and render the data in the form of an infographic so you can draw your own conclusions. I’d be curious as to your thoughts and observations.


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Drawing: A Life Lesson

By John Baldoni
Chair, Leadership Development, N2Growth

“John, do you understand what’s going on in this class?”

My college art instructor asked me that question nearly 40 years ago and I remember his words as if they were said yesterday.  I was obviously the least “talented” person in his class and he was flummoxed as how to work with me.


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