N2Growth Career Opportunities

N2Growth is in the leadership business. We are therefore always in search of talented leaders. We are looking for smart, creative, agile thinkers who want to be stretched, and who likewise want to stretch us. If you want to make a difference, if you want your voice to be heard, and if you want to join one of the fastest growing professional services firms on the planet, we invite you to contact us utilizing the form below. We are currently hiring in the following areas:

    Executives In Residence (Global) – for both N2Growth & N2Ventures
    Consulting Services (Global) – Senior Delivery Consultants in Strategy, Culture, Digital Transformation, and Cyber Security
    Executive Search (Americas) – Senior Associates, Research Associates
    Executive Search (Europe) – Country Presidents for France, Spain and Italy, Directors and Senior Associates in the UK, DACH and Benelux
    Executive Search (APAC) – Country Presidents for Japan and South Korea, Directors and Senior Associates in Hong Kong and Singapore

    Benefits of Joining the N2Growth Family

    **Not all benefits apply in every market and are subject to the applicable legal, regulatory and compliance guidelines pertaining to specific markets.

    We Trust You – N2Growth hires leaders and we treat them as such – team members are treated as adults. Work where you want, when you want, and how you want. We care about your contribution; not the hours you keep.
    Vacation Policy – There isn’t one. If you need time off – take it. Our team members look out for one another and for our clients. Our goal isn’t to burn you out – it’s to help you bring out your best and the best in others. If that means taking time off to recharge your batteries, to be with your family, or take a sabbatical, do it – no questions asked.
    Benefits – The best in the business. We pay 100% of the employee premiums without any employee contribution required.
    Social Impact – N2Growth is way beyond CSR initiatives. We’re all about impact. Through our work at N2Labs and our Center of Innovation we engineer and incubate social enterprises, and we don’t just talk about giving back, we are active donors and supporters of non-profits and NGOs. Profit motive is great, making a difference in the world is better.
    Thought Leadership – Our goal is to help team members grow and develop. We want to enhance your personal brand – not bury it behind the corporate brand. Our executive team has published nearly 50 books, authored thousands of articles and papers, and are often quoted in the media – add your thoughts and content to this robust platform.
    Second Chances – Life happens and we all have a story – it’s the entirety of our unique experiences, good and bad, that make N2Growth different. Tell us your story; successes, failures, challenges and obstacles and we’ll listen.
    Meritocracy – Here’s a secret; we discriminate. We don’t play politics and we have no interest in the politically correct. We let your creativity, character, the quality of your work, and your contribution dictate your circumstances. We want your opinion and are as close to a pure meritocracy as you’ll find.

    Only The Bold Should Apply – In perhaps the most famous job posting of all-time, Ernest Shackleton recruited his crew for the Endurance Expedition to the Antarctic. He was looking for a certain type of individual – one motivated by something more than just money. The good news is at N2Growth, you will not risk your life, and you can make great money while having an impact on the world – not a bad gig if you can get it…

    While we do have a few agency search refugees here at N2Growth, most of us are ex-operators, entrepreneurs and military leaders who have built and led teams in the real world. Our teammates have left some of the world’s leading companies to join the N2Growth family. N2 team members previously worked at firms like; Accenture, Apple, Bain, Dell/EMC, Disney, EY, FBI, Goldman Sachs, Heidrick & Struggles, IBM, Intuit, Korn Ferry, Microsoft, PwC, Tesla, The McChrystal Group, UBS, United Nations, All Military Branches, Xerox, and others.

What Makes Us Tick at N2Growth

Data Driven Data and tech are in our DNA. We leverage data at all levels of the business to drive our decision making and determine our next steps forward.

High Performing N2Growth team members have the autonomy to own their work, formulate plans, experiment, and drive projects forward. We are always in search of new ways to unlock hidden value, and we do what it takes to deliver a certainty of execution.

Impactful Each team member makes a difference and does what it takes to succeed, helping one another in an atmosphere of friendly competition. Our people are creative, capable, and valued. Ideas come from all over the organization and we need big ideas and individuals with courage to take us to the next order of magnitude.

Innovative N2Growth is a 15 year-old startup. We are a team of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and corporate refugees intent on making a positive impact on each other, our clients, and our industry. We work on problems are clients don’t have answers to and, as such, we experiment, embrace disagreements, acknowledge failure, and always keep moving forward together.

Collaborative We are a passionate, hard-working, and fun-loving team. We are looking for new team members who we will enjoy working with, and who will enjoy working with us – who we can stretch and be stretched by. We’re more about culture add than culture fit.


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