As a Board Chair, your responsibility is to ensure that your board performs at its best. In addition to maintaining and gaining on that performance, you must also continuously bridge the gap between how the board currently operates and how it will need to function in the future. Layer on any of the current board trends related to diversity, ESG, and cybersecurity, and quickly Board governance can dangerously move into maintenance mode.

The Effective Boards Framework

Our fully-facilitated board effectiveness solution is designed to provide fresh insights and drive tangible outcomes year over year. Our approach is founded on research and evidence-based principles, and our data-driven process is designed to give you and your board the insights required to increase performance. Our evaluation is based on the Effective Boards framework, a proprietary research-based solution that provides a solid foundation for improving your board’s overall effectiveness. Our team of advisors works with you to identify areas for improvement and provide tailored recommendations for future success.

Data-Driven & Tailored Approach

Our evaluation process includes individualized reports and feedback sessions for each board director, data-driven group working sessions tailored specifically for your board, and results and analysis presentations to help you understand key findings and focus areas for improvement. We also offer facilitated kick-off sessions, in-depth interviews with our advisors, as well as observations of board committee meetings, and a review of board and committee papers.

We are the first firm in the Americas, powered by Better Boards, to offer individualized reports for each board director and a complete summary of all information for the Board Chair. The report will comprehensively evaluate your board, providing you with the insights and comparisons needed to make informed decisions and take action. The report will not only highlight areas for improvement but also provide practical and actionable recommendations for maximizing the impact and effectiveness of your board. 

Our approach provides an unparalleled richness of data. Furthermore, we debrief each Director to understand what they can do to make a greater contribution to the overall effectiveness and board performance. The conversations are conducted in a coaching style and ensure every Director has an action plan to advance their performance and board career.

*Powered by Better Boards, Ltd., London

N2Growth’s Board Evaluation Platform

All board directors will receive secure access to our cloud-based board evaluation platform based on our proprietary research, proven to generate positive results. Our experienced consultants will provide regular alignment sessions with key stakeholders and coaching tailored to your board director’s needs.

Research-Based & Peer-Reviewed Board Evaluation Solution

Our Board Effectiveness solution is peer-reviewed and published globally. Our evaluation is comprehensive, action-oriented, and efficient. Maximize your board’s effectiveness and achieve tangible results and outcomes with our fully facilitated external board evaluation solution.

Board Outcome

As a Board Chair, you need a trusted partner that understands your challenges and can help you drive results. Our Board Effectiveness Solution provides a data-driven, tailored approach that offers individualized reports and feedback sessions for each board director and a comprehensive evaluation of your board. Our team of advisors will work with you to identify areas for improvement and provide practical recommendations for success. Let us help you maximize your board’s effectiveness and achieve tangible results.

  • Our approach is not simply a compliance process. Its output gives you the insights, coupled with our leadership expertise, to support the creation of greater board effectiveness and overall performance.
  • Your results are a non-biased analysis grounded in international peer-reviewed research. 
  • Boards in this process are not ranked or judged but presented with data that allows multiple ways to compare. We compare and contrast your board with others, chosen peer groups, and a year-over-year comparison of your previous year’s results.
  • The optimistic tone of the questions and style of the questionnaire includes the latest insights in positive management science and psychology. This methodology ensures the highest level of board member engagement. 
  • The individualized results within the report help each Director become more impactful in the boardroom with tailored insights and individual 1-on-1 debriefs.

“This is the first time that I have seen that a board is engaged in the process of a board evaluation. We discussed the results and we even agreed to a board away day where we do nothing else but reflect on how we work together and how we can become better.“

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