Chairman’s POV


Mike Myatt | Chairman

Welcome to N2Growth. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our firm and highlight just a few of the reasons we have become the talent and leadership partner of choice for many of the world’s leading organizations, most recently being named to Forbes 2019 List of America’s Top Executive Search Firms for the fourth year running.

History is a great teacher, but only if you pay attention. It’s worthy to note that achieving success doesn’t mean it can be sustained. There is a reason that 89% of the Fortune 500 companies who first appeared on the list have been disrupted by companies, which in many instances, they didn’t even see coming.

Many other organizations fall into the same trap. Despite their best intentions, and in spite of significant investments in developing their values, vision, mission, strategy, talent and culture, they end-up losing their competitive advantage. They fail to innovate, change and grow.

When once courageous and innovative leaders become guardians of the status quo who devolve from opportunity creators to risk managers, bad things happen. Rather than embracing change, seeking new ideas, and pursuing different paths, they default to their insular organizational bias: the norms, practices and behaviors that define an organization.

The reality is if you don’t own your culture, your culture will own you. If you don’t engage your workforce in new and compelling ways, someone else will. If you don’t pursue opportunity you’ll cede it to your competition.

At N2Growth, we’re not just another consulting firm espousing best practices, we are strategic thought partners co-creating next practices for our clients. We understand our mission is to help you unlock the hidden value in your organization and continue to build upon it creating sustainable competitive advantage.

There are no shortcuts to excellence; courageous leadership is the only path.  We focus on transformation – transformation of Leadership, Talent, Organization, Digital, Culture, Strategy, and Capital. Put simply, we focus on the areas where the best leaders place their emphasis. So, if you desire to make a difference in your organization, we invite you to look at N2Growth where our exceptional leaders serve world-class leaders like you.

THE N2Growth Advantage

N2Growth operates in more than 50 markets globally. We help our clients create advantage by unlocking hidden value in new and different ways. No hidden agendas and no sales pitches – we meet clients where they are, and deal with the challenges and opportunities most important to them. Our Start Anywhere – Go Anywhere model is completely unique in the market. We are built to scale with your business – dial us up, down, or off as it makes sense.

The best indication of our success is your success.

What N2Growth Clients Say

The N2Institute

N2Growth operates the N2Institute, our Leader Academy offering participants fully accredited and transferrable graduate and undergraduate credits. If you’re a leader looking advance your career, improve your leadership competency, and hone your tradecraft, then we encourage you to consider N2I.

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The N2Growth Hub

N2Growth operates the award winning N2Growth HUB, our knowledge base curated by leaders for leaders. Be sure to subscribe and stay up to date with our team member’s latest thoughts on leadership and business.

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N2Growth Operating Principles

How We Work

When we agree to work together, our path to the future is paved with mutual trust — a trust composed of integrity, competence and cooperation. We serve boards, C-level leaders and their organizations. We enable and deliver continuous advantage for our clients. They experience breakthrough results through rapidly spawning new and distinct ways of thinking and working. These values set the foundation for the following operating principles:

We strive to make a difference: Our primary motivation is to help people and organizations succeed.

We begin by listening: We are investing our reputation in your dreams; we succeed when your dreams are realized.

Leadership and Vision Matter: Leadership without vision is like trying to drive blind – it won’t end well. We don’t just talk about vision – we operationalize it.

Don’t Implement – Deliver: Implementation is process – delivery is the strategic advantage from the process. We believe in agile, high-velocity, and high impact delivery that creates competitive advantage.

No BS: We believe in our clients enough to do what they hired us to do – tell them the truth.

Keep it Simple: Simplicity is the grease that enables speed and agility in an increasingly complex marketplace. It was Leonardo da Vinci who said, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – who are we to argue?

Find a wheel and Reinvent it: Our job is to push back on dominant logic, break the status quo, disrupt mediocrity, and create advantage. We do this by challenging current ways of thinking and doing. Mantra: conventional wisdom might be conventional, but it is rarely wise.

Next Practices:At N2Growth we don’t copy – we create. We don’t implement best practices solutions – we innovate around them and look beyond them.

What You Pursue Is What You Are: Life is short – we play hard and we play fast. We constantly pursue joy, significance, service, and development. If we’re better people we can better help our clients.

Discovery: Learn, grow and develop. Discovery leads to better destinations. We constantly strive to move from “what is” to “what if.”

Don’t Fertilize Weeds: First identify the trouble areas. Recognize problems as such and deal with them.

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack: The key to our success is our team. When you get one of us, you get all of us.

We Eat Our Own Cooking: As good leaders tend to do, we eat our own cooking at N2Growth. Our core values adhere to the same standards and principles we use to deliver advantage to our clients.

Second Chances: Life happens and we all have a story – it’s the entirety of our unique experiences, good and bad, that make N2Growth different. Tell us your story; successes, failures, challenges and obstacles and we’ll listen.

If It’s Stupid It’s Not Our Policy. Enough said.


Leadership is our Business

N2Growth is a multi-faceted professional services firm catering to CEOs, boards, executive teams, and the companies they lead. A Delaware corporation with multiple offices worldwide, N2Growth has done business with many of the world’s leading companies and their leaders in more than 70 countries across North America, the European Community, India, Russia, MENA, and Southeast Asia.

We assist our clients in improving leadership, cultural, and operational excellence. Our goal is to help leaders to recognize their role is not just to become a better leader, but to create better leaders, and ultimately give birth to a culture of leadership.

At N2Growth, we are nothing if we are not all things related to growth in leadership and talent. We are often asked if we are a coaching and leadership development firm, a strategy group, a talent management consultancy, an organizational design and development company, or an executive search firm… Our answer is: Yes.

Creating great leaders and leadership teams is not a one-dimensional practice. Rather it requires skill sets, competencies and a knowledge base that extends across a variety of relationships, platforms, mediums, and other key strategic constituencies.

Organizations looking to evaluate professional services firms should always examine their leadership – we invite you to look at ours. N2Growth’s senior leadership team represents what is arguably one of the most respected groups of leadership experts and thought partners in the industry.