N2Growth believes great leaders produce great results and identifying top talent is vital in today’s competitive corporate environment. The proper executive with vision, abilities, and cultural fit may make or break an enterprise. Our Executive & Board placements demonstrate our executive search expertise in action. These stories demonstrate our personalized approach, deep industry expertise, and persistent dedication to aligning extraordinary individuals with organizations seeking a leadership edge.

Each story demonstrates our commitment to finding the uncommon combination of abilities, experience, and cultural-add that drives organizations ahead. We explain our executive recruitment approach and how we partner with clients to understand their needs and strategically find candidates who share their values and aspirations.

Discover the remarkable experiences of CEOs, C-suite executives, and board members who have been strategically placed and positioned to drive growth, tackle challenging problems, and elevate their organizations. Our global network, industry experience, and continuous pursuit of excellence bring great executives to great organizations.

Inspire, innovate, and achieve with us. See how we shape leadership in today’s dynamic corporate environment in our Placement Stories. Are you ready to identify the leader who will change your company’s future? Contact N2Growth and unlock your potential and pull your future forward today.

Industry Leading Performance Metrics – Executive & Board Placements

There's a reason our firm is growing at five times the industry average and are rated higher in client satisfaction – we outperform the industry in every meaningful category of performance measure.

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Board Director Search

A multi-billion dollar privately held company and leader in the global direct-selling industry came to N2Growth to find a new Board Director.

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CTO Executive Search

A software solution company engaged N2Growth for their next Chief Technology Officer search.

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SaaS Executive Search

Here’s a success story on how the N2Growth Executive Search team placed a Chief Executive Officer for a SaaS company within 24 calendar days.

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Chief Communications Officer Executive Search

One of the largest and oldest transportation companies in the world engaged N2Growth’s executive search practice to find their next Chief Communications Officer.

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President & CEO Search – Insurance

Experience a remarkable turnaround as N2Growth enables a struggling insurer to find a dynamic President & CEO.

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Automotive Executive Search Firm

A top five global automotive original equipment manufacturer engaged N2Growth to find the VP of Product Planning and Mobility Strategy.

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Chief Operating Officer Executive Search

A self-funded SaaS company engaged N2Growth’s executive search practice to find its next Chief Operating Officer.

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General Counsel Executive Search Firm And Recruitment

A leading insurance provider came to N2Growth with a Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel succession opportunity.

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Natural Resources Executive Search

Natural Resources Executive Search A VC-backed water analytics company engaged N2Growth for a natural resources executive search to scale their company.

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Strategic Placements Propel Tech Enterprise’s Growth and Market Expansion

A highly unique startup that is culturally diverse and an international social enterprise requires multiple strategic placements enabling growth.

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Chief Transformation Officer

A publicly traded, multi-billion dollar technology and IT services company engaged N2Growth to find their first Chief Transformation Officer.

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Hospital Executive Search

A $2bn+ hospital system in the US engaged N2Growth’s executive search practice to find its next Vice President reporting directly to the CFO.

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Chief Technology Officer Executive Search

A multi-billion dollar privately held company and closely watched tech unicorn engaged N2Growth to find a new independent Chief Technology Officer.

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Building a Diverse Leadership Team: The Evolution of a Global Tech Company

A publicly-traded, multi-billion dollar technology and IT services company, initially a subsidiary of a larger corporation was on a journey towards full independence.

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Real Estate Executive Search

A leading business that is an auctioneer of tax-distressed real estate engaged N2Growth to find their first Chief Operating Officer.

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HR Executive Search

An autonomous vehicle start-up engaged our executive search practice to find their first Vice President of People Operations.

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Healthcare Technology Executive Search

A fast-growing, publicly-traded healthcare services, and technology company with operations spread across 14 states, engaged N2Growth to find their inaugural SVP of Operations.

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CEO Executive Search

A global owner, operator, and developer of toll roads engaged N2Growth’s executive search practice to find its next Chief Executive Officer.

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Chief Product Officer Executive Search

A VC-backed autonomous vehicle start-up executive search assignment to find a Chief Product Officer to lead their product to the next level.

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Chief Financial Officer Search

A leading publicly-traded hosting company engaged N2Growth’s retained search practice to find their next Chief Financial Officer.

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Executive Search for a Consumer COO & CEO Successor With Iconic Brand

N2Growth finds COO & CEO successors who are not just leaders but pioneers— experience operational expansion with our unique approach to executive search.

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Supply Chain Executive Search

A household name in the home goods industry known for its highly engineered, durable products engaged N2Growth to find a leader to transform the business into an international, omnichannel organization.

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Director Search for a Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal

A respected orthopaedics peer-reviewed medical journal, a 501(c)(3), engaged N2Growth’s executive search practice to find its next Director.

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Financial Services Executive Search and Recruitment

A multinational, multi-billion dollar financial services company came to us for help identifying a new executive leader for their business.

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Healthcare Executive Search

Our executive search team is strategic in matching healthcare organizations with C-suite leadership talent.

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Chief Marketing Officer Executive Search – CMO Recruitment

See why a leading SaaS EdTech company engaged N2Growth's Chief Marketing Officer executive search practice to find their next CMO.

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