Title Liberation Jaco Erasmus

Title Liberation

The next significant movement is not title inflation, but what I would call title liberation. I am excited by some companies who are breaking away from the traditional inflated job titles to introduce new funky, trendy, playful titles, which often…

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The Teslatisation of the Boardroom

The Teslatisation of the Boardroom

I am taking a break at Grand Cafe Loos in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My mind is spinning around as I try to defragment and reorganize the many experiences, images, and memories that have made this such a fascinating year. It's easy to pick out the…

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The Price of Core Values Is 80 Dollars

The Price of Core Values is 80 Dollars

I recently spent a couple of days in New York. It was hot and humid, so I didn't think twice about being offered a ride in an open bicycle cart from Central Park to my hotel, which was approximately a 15-minute ride. I asked the driver to take the…

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