2023 Top CHRO Award Recipients Announced

N2Growth Unveils the 2023 LEADERS40: Celebrating the Pinnacle of HR Excellence with the Top CHRO Award

N2Growth, a global executive search and leadership advisory firm, proudly unveils its 2023 LEADERS40: Top CHROs, celebrating the best of the HR world. This year’s award list spotlights 40 trailblazing Chief Human Resources Officers from globally renowned organizations.

These 40 distinguished CHROs have not only showcased excellence in their roles but have also set new benchmarks in human resources management. “The past years have been transformative, and the leaders on our list have demonstrated unparalleled resilience and adaptability,” said Kelli Vukelic, Chief Executive Officer at N2Growth. “As we navigate the post-pandemic landscape, these HR visionaries are gearing up to face 2024 with innovative strategies and a renewed commitment to their teams.”

The role of the CHRO has evolved dramatically, with these leaders grappling with economic uncertainties, political shifts, and the rise of AI. They’ve been at the forefront, addressing societal shifts, championing inclusivity, and embracing the AI-driven future. “Today’s CHROs are more than just HR leaders; they are architects of organizational culture, navigating the complexities of a digital age where employees have a louder voice than ever before,” added Vukelic.

“It is a humbling experience to appear in a list of colleagues I have long admired. If anything, a great stimulus to continue to try to make a difference for our business and our people, and contribute to the advancement of our profession.” – Sergio Ezama | Chief People Officer, Netflix

The 2023 LEADERS40 is a distinguished recognition meticulously curated by a blend of N2Growth insiders and external advisors. This ensures a rigorous and unbiased selection process, spotlighting CHROs who consistently innovate and outshine their contemporaries, irrespective of market dynamics.


Criteria for selection are both comprehensive and forward-thinking, ranging from inclusivity initiatives and organizational growth to talent retention and leadership development. “To earn a spot on the LEADERS40 list, terms like leadership, culture, and DE&I aren’t mere jargon. They encapsulate the essence, beliefs, and daily endeavors,” added Vukelic.

N2Growth invites industry professionals, media, and the public to join in celebrating these exceptional HR leaders. View the complete 2023 LEADERS40 list.