N2Growth Announces Annual 2022 Top CHRO Award Recipients

N2Growth is pleased to congratulate this year’s best HR Leaders.

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 19, 2022 – N2Growth, Inc., a global leadership consulting and executive search firm, announced today this year’s Top CHRO Award recipients. The list comprises the top 40 Human Resources executives from brands located around the world who are reshaping the function as we know it. These exceptional leaders pave the way by innovating in their organizations, navigating uncertainty, influencing, and constantly developing those around them.

While virtually all Human Resources leaders were looking forward to moving beyond the pandemic, we can’t ignore the lasting effects it left on 2021 and its spill-over into 2022. Leading through transition has always been the hallmark of great people leaders, but 2022 is still testing CHROs in unprecedented ways.

No one is more aware of the talent-to-value equation than this group of CHROs. Through the talent they uncover, nurture, and retain, they are the lifeblood of an organization’s capacity to provide value to their organizations. Their accomplishments and commitment to innovation are unprecedented. These leaders are top of the class because they are rooted in the moment while planning for the future. – Kelli Vukelic, Chief Executive Officer

Since our inaugural list in 2015, our firm has continued expanding and refining the list by looking for CHROs who innovate and outperform their peers regardless of current market dynamics. These leaders represent the top 40, shaping careers, culture, and talent at the world’s most innovative people-driven companies.

The list of 2022 Top CHROs is a collection of forward-thinking, future-focused executives. Award selection is curated by N2Growth and outside advisory members, and the recipients are considered based on the following criteria:

  • Impact, growth, and performance of the organizations they lead.
  • Impact on their industry and in the broader communities they serve.
  • Engaged, transparent, and accountable – they must care. They are passionate about their people and their well-being.
  • An examination of the talent they’ve helped to attract and retain.
  • General and specific observations of the culture they’ve had a hand in shaping.
  • For members of the 2022 Top CHRO List, DE&I and ESG initiatives are a cornerstone of their work, not an afterthought.
  • Take stock of the progressive development plans and programs they’ve made available to the workforce.
  • Evaluate the creativity, reasonability, and effectiveness of the compensation programs.
  • Look for (and find) excellent workforce dynamics, engagement, and satisfaction.
  • Find a well-positioned and robust employer brand.
  • Find HR’s hand in everything as an enabler and contributor to operations flowing through to customer/client satisfaction;
  • Sophisticated development of leaders and succession plans, using data and engaging high potential talent in new and different ways.

While the above list is certainly not all-inclusive, it starts to paint a picture of the critical roles CHROs play in the success of any business enterprise. To be recognized on the 2022 Top CHRO List, the words leadership, team, succession, purpose, culture, governance, and diversity are not just buzzwords – they represent who a CHRO is, what they believe, and where they work every day. The depth and breadth of the skills and talents of this next generation of CHROs have taken them from not having a “seat at the table” too often, making them a logical choice as a successor candidate to CEOs.

On behalf of the N2Growth team, please join us in congratulating the recipients of this year’s best Chief Human Resources Officers. You can view the complete list of Top CHROs here.