N2Growth Africa serves clients across sub-Saharan Africa from our three offices in Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi. N2Growth Africa is a Level 1 BBBEE Black Owned Firm, sponsor of the African Employee Engagement Awards, a founding member of Africa Board Ready Women, actively involved in social enterprise innovation, and has deep experience in local economic and enterprise development across the continent of Africa.

As a global leadership consultancy with practice areas in executive search, leadership development, strategy, culture, risk, digital, organizational design, and executive coaching, N2Growth has more than 40 locations across The Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and APAC. N2Growth has been named to Forbes list of America’s Top Management Consulting Firms in both 2016 and 2017, and was recently recognized as the #2 ranked executive search firm globally.

Sandra Burmeister | Regional President, N2Growth Africa

Sandra serves as the Regional President of N2Growth Africa and oversees all N2Growth operations on the continent with locations in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Based in Johannesburg, Sandra has more than 20 years’ experience in Executive Search, working with blue chip companies across sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to the merger with N2Growth she was a founding member of the Landelahni Group and Landelahni Business Leaders, was the former Amrop partner for Africa, and also chaired Amrop’s Global Mining, Energy and Infrastructure practice.

Sandra’s expertise in recent years has focused on board and C-level search assignments in telecommunications, mining, construction, infrastructure and manufacturing, but extends to key appointments in academic, state owned enterprises and the aviation industry. Her expertise in board assignments is unparalleled on the African Continent having placed more than 200 independent directors in diverse sectors spanning electricity, water, roads, construction, property, asset management and mining.

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Office: +27 11 750 9536
email: s.burmeister@n2growth.com

Ashley Ally | Director, N2Growth Africa

Ashley serves as a Director of N2Growth Africa based in Johannesburg. Prior to the merger with N2Growth, he was a shareholder and director at the Landelahni Group and has more than 15 years of board and C-level executive search and leadership experience.

Since returning from Germany in 1995, Ashley formed part of technical teams that developed various policy frameworks in the post 1994, ranging from economic development, local government, environmental management and other key policies and frameworks across the national, provincial and local spheres of government.

Ashley was also instrumental in restructuring the failed Legal Aid system from 1999 to 2001 as its Chief Executive. The Legal Aid system has since been an exemplary public institution in South Africa. He also led the bid process of the World Summit on Sustainable Development that was won by the City of Johannesburg and hosted by the country in 2002.

Ashley serves on a number of company boards, both listed and unlisted. He has qualifications in Electrical engineering, Town and regional planning, Business and Public Administration.

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Direct: +27 11 750 9536
email: a.ally@n2growth.com

Lanre Fisher | Regional Director, West Africa

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Lanre oversees N2Growth’s activities in West Africa, as well as serves as Senior Partner and Head of the Financial Services Practice Group in sub-Saharan Africa for N2Growth Africa. He is responsible for providing advisory and senior level recruitment for Investment Banking and Private Equity clients, as well as Banking and Insurance. Prior to the merger with N2Growth Lanre was a director for the Landelahni Group.

Lanre’s executive search experience spans a wide variety of sectors and functional areas, and he has built particular expertise in managing complex and highly sensitive international search mandates. Prior to returning to Africa, Lanre was based in the UK where he spent 10 years working with clients in the UK and central Europe across financial services.

He also had, and continues to have, a significant focus working with companies with an investment and growth agenda in Africa to identify Africans in the Diaspora as well as local talent.

Lanre is a dual Nigerian/British citizen and is also focused on developing business across the West African region.

Lanre has a Bachelors degree in Media & Communication.

Contact Information
Direct: +234 80 66043523
email: l.fisher@n2growth.com


Tricia Sibbons | Director, N2Growth Africa

Tricia serves as a Director of N2Growth Africa, where she also serves as Chief Operating Officer for the Employee Engagement Awards – Africa (EEA-Africa) Tricia is responsible for international linkages and partnerships, sponsorships, research and innovation, and outreach projects on the continent. Prior to the merger with N2Growth, Tricia served as a director of the Landelahni Group.

Previously Tricia founded two social enterprises and a non-profit, and served as board director for five organisations focused on education, small business mentorship and ethical development. Tricia also founded Sophiatown Motswako Enterprises which is an SME incubator in South Africa.

Tricia has a Masters Degree from the University of London. Her previous experiences include British Finance Ministry, managing two leading UK children’s charities, as well as working as a consultant for international agencies for twenty years, including the British Red Cross, Action Aid, Water Aid and the Elton John Aids Foundation.

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Direct: +27 11 750 9536
Email: t.sibbons@n2growth.com

Mark Roux | Director, N2Growth Africa

Mark serves as Director at N2Growth Africa and oversees the Local Economic and Enterprise Development Consultancy, he is a qualified Town and Regional Planner and has a Master of Business Leadership (MBL). Prior to the merger with N2Growth, Mark was a director with the Landelahni Group.

In 1999 he joined Deloitte Consulting where he became an Associate Director in 2009 and Director in 2012. During his tenure, he started and led the Project Management Service Line for several years. Mark is an accredited Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute. He has managed a large number of projects in the private and public sectors and has established and directed a number of Project Management Offices, including one for the Tshwane 2010 World Cup office.

Mark also established a Corporate Social Responsibility Service Line within Deloitte, with a specific focus on supporting companies to successfully implement CSR projects. Clients included Standard Bank, Impala Platinum, Aveng, Foster Wheeler and several mining companies. He has provided a range of socio-economic advisory services, including the preparation of Supplier Development Plans for clients bidding for State contracts (Transnet) and Renewable Energy projects under the REIPPP programme. He has worked successfully with companies such as Microsoft, Foster Wheeler, Ventura Energy, Keren Energy and Medscheme.

Contact Information
Direct: +27 11 750 9536
email: m.roux@n2growth.com


Lele Molobi-Ratsheko | Director, N2Growth Africa

Lele serves as a Director at N2Growth Africa. She is a seasoned recruitment professional with a focus on education and leadership development. Prior to the merger with N2Growth, Lele was a director with the Landelahni Group, and ran her own recruitment company before joining Landelahni in an executive role in 2007.

Lele studied at the University of the Western Cape, where she obtained her HDE and completed her post-graduate in Education at Johannesburg University in 1995. Lele has a 15 year career history in teaching, recruitment and consulting.

Apart from her executive role at N2Growth Africa, Lele serves on the board of Sacred Heart College and serves as a trustee on the Kagiso Trust board, developing and evaluating many educational and community projects for support by the trust. Lele believes that improving education in Africa is the first step to developing the talent needed to power the economic engine of the continent. Principal and teacher development is the key to improving the quality of education.

An entrepreneur, she has multiple interests and more recently founded the Wine Bar in Vilikazi Street in Soweto, a popular and successful eatery catering to locals and tourists.

Contact Information
Direct: +27 11 750 9536
Email: l.ratsheko@n2growth.com

Kithinji Kiragu | Regional Director, East Africa

Kithinji Kiragu serves as Regional Director at N2Growth Africa responsible for N2Growth operations in East Africa. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, he is a Certified Public Accountant (Kenya) and holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting. Prior to the N2Growth merger, he was a director at the Landelahni Group.

Kithinji also practises as a public sector management specialist, and is the Chairman at the Africa Development Professional Group. Until June 2006, he was a Partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) responsible for public sector management advisory services. He offers a wealth of experience, having worked in East Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, Angola, Madagascar, and most West African countries.

He has also supported a range of international development agencies to achieve one common goal – an enriching public sector across the African continent.

Kithinji was Vice Chair of the Executive Board & Chair of Finance & Human Resources Committee of the Africa Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) until August 2014 and is a Director of several companies where he is a shareholder.

He has a deep understanding of Kenya and is a comparatively successful entrepreneur. In 2006, he was bestowed the honour of the Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) of Kenya by H.E. President Mwai Kibaki for personal contribution to development in the country and in 2011, the President honoured him with the medal of Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS).

Contact Information
Direct: +254 20 3862340 / +254 20 2364407
email: k.kiragu@n2growth.com

 Leida Schuman | Director, N2Growth Africa

Leida Schuman serves as a Director at N2Growth Africa where she leads the Economic and Enterprise Development practice. Leida has 27 years of experience in the design, implementation and management of Socio-economic, Economic Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development programs and projects. Leida is used extensively as an expert to design and implement programmes that contribute to B-BBEE performance of large corporations. Prior to the merger with N2Growth, Leida served as a director with the Landelahni Group.

She has expert level knowledge of linking local enterprises to the supply chains of extractives (Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Mining, Tourism) and other large businesses. Her expertise is in designing and implementing Economic development, Supplier development and Enterprise development Strategies and solutions, most recently as technical lead in the design of Telkom FutureMakers and implementation lead for the first 20 months of the programme. She further led the design of a Tourism development Hub for the Hout Bay Partnership.

She was previously the Manager of Enterprise Development at DAI in Johannesburg, working on large projects like the strategy for Sishen Iron Ore Company (SIOC). From 1990 and 2011, she worked at Sasol, where she led various development programs, business initiatives and centres that focused on Social, Economic, Enterprise, Supplier, Women & Youth, Agricultural, Education & Skills Development.

Contact Information
Direct: +27 11 750 9536
Email: l.schuman@n2growth.com

Mlamuli Delani Mthembu | Director, N2Growth Africa

Delani serves as a Director at N2Growth Africa. He is an educationist and former high school principal and leads the N2Growth Africa Leadership in Education Programme, which he has successfully rolled out to thousands of Principals and senior managers in Schools across four provinces in South Africa. Prior to the merger with N2Growth Delani was a director with the Landelahni Group.

He has a Bachelor of Arts, MSc in Leadership and Innovation and is currently completing his PhD at UKZN.

Delani is a trained mentor and coach and has had more than 25 years of experience in leadership and management positions, including private sector, education, non-governmental organisations and public enterprises. He coaches executives across 12 African Countries in the private sector and has developed a substantial public sector coaching offering.

He is also a skilled facilitator, and has successfully facilitated strategic sessions in a number of organisations including UNISA, ESKOM, NMCF, YMCA, University of KZN Executive, ECDC Executive and Board, just to mention a few.

Delani has lectured on part time bases at Tshwane University of Technology, North West University and Vaal University of Technology on Leadership and Governance and the Pretoria University Business School (Gibs) on Talent Management and Leadership in the 21st century.

Contact Information
Direct: +27 11 750 9536
email: d.mthebu@n2growth.com

 Sipho Twala | Director, N2Growth Africa

Sipho serves as a Director at N2Growth Africa where he oversees the financial, risk and audit functions of the group and ensures N2Growth Africa has the client service offerings to remedy the pressing shortage of talent in Africa. Prior to the merger with N2Growth Sipo was a founding member of the Landelahni Group.

Sipho has a BCom (UBS) and HDip Co (RAU).

An entrepreneur with multiple business interests, including Tau Aerospace and Sunrise Investments, he is also the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Blue Financial Services Ltd, a founding member of Litha Healthcare, a company that was recently acquired by Myriad Medicals and listed on the main board of the JSE.

He also serves as non-executive chairman of Safomar Aviation and Dust-ASide SA (Pty) Limited as a non-executive director.

Sipho served his articles with Deloitte & Touche and has held senior positions at Shell Oil, Nestle, Otis Elevator and African Bank.

He has also been active in the housing environment where he was the Finance Director of the Johannesburg Housing Company, one of the pioneering companies involved in the rejuvenation of the inner city of Johannesburg. He further went on to chair the board of the Ekurhuleni Development Company, an entity also involved in social housing development.

Contact Information
Direct: +27 11 750 9536
Email: s.twala@n2growth.com