Stef du Plessis on employee engagement

The Secrets of Employee Engagement with Stef du Plessis

Stef du Plessis is a thought leader in employee engagement and workplace culture space. There are very few professionals in the HR advisory field with depth, brevity, and perspective than Stef. He is a leader in the coaching and consulting industry…

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leadership is a journey Naina Desai

Leadership Is a Continuous Journey with Naina Desai

Often leaders reflect on moments in their lives that were significant in shaping their careers, or a lesson that they have learned somewhere along their journey.  If given the opportunity, I believe most leaders would be happy to share those…

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Anil Joshi

Leadership Interview: Go Beyond The Obvious with Anil Joshi

I sat down with Anil Joshi, an International Leadership Expert, to discuss all things leadership. Anil has a reputation of having a "global plug-and-play" mindset.  He grew up in diplomatic circles so his cultural awareness, sensitivity, and…

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Youssef el aoufir Intelcia

Leadership Interview with Youssef El Aoufir, COO Intelcia

In my never-ending quest to discover the global perspective on emerging competencies required to lead in today's environment, I talked with Youssef El Aoufir, COO and Managing Director at Intelcia, headquartered out of Morrocco. As a leader in…

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Sandile Hlophe EY Africa Rethinking the Future of Work

Leadership Interview: Rethinking The Future of Work

In a recent conversation with Sandile Hlophe, Partner and executive leader with EY-Africa, we discussed some ideas around what the future of work could look like over the next few years.  Even though this interview took place before the COVID-19…

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neuroscience and learning with rapelang rabana

The Neuroscience of Learning With Rapelang Rabana

The future of employee engagement can be influenced by how a company incorporates modern learning techniques into their own leadership development programs, training scenarios, and various other offerings that will bring a learning value to…

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Hakim Marrakchi CEO Maghreb Industries

“Live in the Moment” With Hakim Marrakchi, CEO at Maghreb Industries

Hakim Marrakchi, CEO of Maghreb Industries, shared his perspective to Live in the Moment as the advice he would give his younger self. Even though Hakim is a very humble businessman and made it clear this advice given would be different for himself…

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Talent Management Piet Hein Merckens on Preparing Leaders Correctly

Talent Management and Preparing Leaders Correctly with Piet Hein Merckens

I recently sat down with Piet Hein Merckens, Former CEO of Aviko and leadership influencer to discuss a shocking talent management trend that was exposed in a 2018 global leadership survey... In this survey, the results stated that over 80% of CEOs…

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Talent Gaps with Mehdi Tazi

Leadership Interview: Mehdi Tazi, CEO at Beassur Marsh Shares His Perspective on Talent Gaps

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Mehdi Tazi Chief Executive Officer at Beassur Marsh, a Morrocan based insurance brokerage during our global leadership tour. We discussed the global issue of talent gaps within organizations and what he…

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Naina Desai at the Employee Engagement Awards Africa

Leadership Interview: Awareness as a Way to Understand Impact

Many new executives come out of business school still unprepared with desired competencies when entering into potential leadership positions. I asked Naina Desai, Head of Revenue Growth Management and Bottler Strategy at Coca-Cola what her thoughts…

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Connecting with people is the key competence

Leadership Interview: Connecting With People is The Key Competency

I recently sat down with Dudu Hlatshwayo, CEO and founder of Change EQ Corporate Advisors in Johannesburg. I think you will find her answer to be thoughtful and full of insight, everyone reading this should take heed of this simple advice.…

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Leadership Interview: Ego Versus Eco with Ronald van Weegen

Leadership Interview: Ego Versus Eco with Ronald van Weegen

While traveling the world seeking answers on global leadership perspectives, we stopped in the Netherlands. I met with Ronald van Weegen, a seasoned senior executive in both Leadership Development and Human Resources. I asked Ronald to reflect upon…

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Stef du Plessis on employee engagement

Leadership Interview: Stef du Plessis on Culture & Unwritten Ground Rules

While in Johannesburg, South Africa, I had the opportunity to sit down with a leading global authority on employee engagement and workplace culture, Mr. Stef du Plessis. Stef and I began to dive into the differences between employee engagement and…

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Ed Kieswetter on Leadership

Leadership Interview: Edward Kieswetter, Commissioner S.A.R.S.

I was privileged to speak at the 2019 Africa Employee Engagement Conference and had the opportunity to sit down and discuss leadership with one of South Africa's most respected public figures, the Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service,…

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Jim Hotaling leadership around the world

Leadership: A Global Perspective

This fall, I embarked on a worldwide quest to gain insights and perspectives on global leadership in the 21st century. My goal was to meet with a globally diverse group of thought leaders and top executives to discover what is required to lead in…

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Why Leadership and Talent Programs Fall Short or don't work

Why Leadership Development and Talent Programs Fall Short

Why are so many leadership development and high potential talent programs continuing to fail, or at the very least, not producing what we hope for? The answer is simple, those at the top of the organization are in denial about their own leadership…

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