Selecting an Executive Search Firm to Partner With

Bigger is Not Always Better When Selecting a Search Firm to Partner With

Kelli Vukelic, CEO of N2Growth examines the nuances that distinguish boutique search firms from their larger counterparts. Here are some key insights into selecting the right executive search firm to partner with. Senior leadership hires can make or…

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How Startups Can Revamp Executive Talent for Growth

How Startups Can Revamp Their Executive Leadership Talent for Growth

Organizations, particularly startups, require changes in executive leadership talent in the business lifecycle to capitalize on growth potential. Sometimes CEOs are late to make the necessary executive team changes, which comes at a cost. Today, I’d…

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Tech-Savvy Youth and the Future of C-Suite Leadership

Did you know that American youth spend an average of six hours or more a day on screens? As a result of increased social media use and continuous screen time, young adults have become more reliant on the internet for information, learning, working,…

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Executive Transition Coaching in India

Transition Coaching After Executive Search Placement Increases Success in India

Executive coaching was nearly unheard of in India 15 or so years ago. Today is much different. Now there are thousands of certified executive coaches and multiple ICF chapters engaged in helping executives and their organizations succeed. Indian…

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female leadership in the c-suite

What Will Female C-Suite Leadership Look Like Post COVID?

The composition of C-suite leadership across the spectrum is notably different than it used to be ten or so years ago. Recent stats from Deloitte show that females in the C-suite now account for 28% of the overall composition, a marked uptick from…

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