Leadership – It’s Not About You

If you think leadership is about you, your ego has led you astray. Leadership has little to do with you and everything to do with those you lead. If you think leadership is about the bottom line, think again; it’s about the people. Without the…

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Leadership Humor – Asset or Liability

As a leader it’s quite easy to get a laugh – your title will virtually guarantee it. Therefore it’s important for leaders to become skilled at distinguishing the difference between a compliant chuckle and a sincere chortle. Good humor can bring…

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The No. 1 Thing Holding You Back As A Leader

Leadership isn’t nearly as complex as people make it out to be, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. The big difference between highly effective leaders and those just playing at leadership is often found in their willingness to do what doesn’t come…

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Top Leadership Movies

The No. 1 Way To Spot Weak Leadership

You can spot a weak leader a mile off by simply looking at the types of decisions they make. Not surprisingly, weak leaders pander to public opinion, they manage the routine rather than the extraordinary, and they worry more about being right than…

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5 Ways To Stop Corporate Crazies From Destroying Culture

Like it or not, we are judged by the company we keep. Corporate cultures reflect the quality and character of their workforce, and leaders will ultimately be judged for the leadership and talent choices they make. A primary function of leadership is…

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The No. 1 Thing Successful Companies Scale

I’ve often said, “if leadership doesn’t scale neither will your organization.” Experience has led me to conclude there is no greater contribution a leader can make to the enterprise than developing a true culture of leadership. Here’s the thing – a…

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The Leadership ‘X’ Factor That Can Fix Any Business

Businesses don’t fail – products don’t fail – projects don’t fail – leaders fail. I have little use for leaders who can effortlessly call upon the right clichés and buzzwords in conversation, but fail to put into practice what they so frequently wax…

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5 Dead Giveaways You’re Not A Credible Leader

Fact: Getting a leadership position is easier than keeping it. Keeping a position of leadership is about one thing, and one thing only; your credibility as a leader – your ability to lead well.  Leaders either have credibility or they don’t… Do……

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Business Man Leadership Strategy Concept

Marissa Mayer: A Case Study In Poor Leadership

In March of 2013 I authored an article predicting the demise of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Here’s the thing – not every talented, successful executive is CEO ready; Mayer is a textbook example of this. It was obvious from the early days, at least to…

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5 Bad Leadership Habits To Leave Behind

News Flash – there is no perfect leader. But there’s also no arguing the fact that some leaders are much better than others. So, what’s the difference between those leaders whose career trajectory rockets upward with great velocity, and those whose…

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Benghazi Hearings – A Crisis of Leadership

While today’s column could focus solely on the Benghazi hearings, or various components thereof, a lack of leadership isn’t just a problem in the United States; it’s a global problem. It’s also much more than an indictment on global politics; it’s a…

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Idle Gossip – No Such Thing

I’ve always recommended avoiding small minds, thinking about small things, in small ways. There is no better example of this type of behavior than those who spread or participate in gossip. At its core, gossip is the highest form of disloyalty, and…

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My Picks For The Top 10 CHROs, And Why They Matter

Before I get to my picks for the Top 10 CHROs, I want to give some background on why this list is important, and how you should use it to shape your enterprise moving forward. While every member of the executive team plays a critical role in…

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2015 Leadership Challenge – 11 Things To Evaluate Before Year End

News Flash – better results are rarely achieved without implementing different thoughts and behaviors. For leaders seeking better results in 2015 it's important to understand you must challenge everything you know in order to stretch yourself and…

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Car Mirror Blind Spot

I Know Your Biggest Blind Spot – Do You?

They're called blind spots for a reason - you can't see them. We all have blind spots, but the one most often impacting leaders is their unwillingness to ask for help. News Flash – “help” is not a dirty word. I have always believed asking for help…

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Potential – Why It’s Over-Hyped

My premise is simple; one of the worst things an organization can do is reward potential. Identifying and recognizing potential are important, but rewarding it can be lethal. Rewarding potential has placed many a gifted person in way over their…

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