Benghazi Hearings | a Crisis of Leadership

Benghazi Hearings – A Crisis of Leadership

While today’s column could focus solely on the Benghazi hearings, or various components thereof, a lack of leadership isn’t just a problem in the United States; it’s a global problem. It’s also much more than an indictment on global politics; it’s a…

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Idle Gossip - No Such Thing | Corporate Cultures

Idle Gossip – No Such Thing

I’ve always recommended avoiding small minds, thinking about small things, in small ways. There is no better example of this type of behavior than those who spread or participate in gossip. At its core, gossip is the highest form of disloyalty, and…

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My Picks For The Top 10 CHROs, And Why They Matter

Before I get to my picks for the Top 10 CHROs, I want to give some background on why this list is important, and how you should use it to shape your enterprise moving forward. While every member of the executive team plays a critical role in…

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Leadership Challenge - 11 Things To Evaluate

Leadership Challenge – 11 Things To Evaluate

News Flash – better results are rarely achieved without implementing different thoughts and behaviors. For leaders seeking better results, it's important to understand you must challenge everything you know in order to stretch yourself and lead your…

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I Know Your Biggest Blind Spot | Asking for Help

I Know Your Biggest Blind Spot – Do You?

They're called blind spots for a reason - you can't see them. We all have blind spots, but the one most often impacting leaders is their unwillingness to ask for help. News Flash – “help” is not a dirty word. I have always believed asking for help…

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Potential - Why It's Over-Hyped

Potential – Why It’s Over-Hyped

My premise is simple; one of the worst things an organization can do is reward potential. Identifying and recognizing potential is important, but rewarding it can be lethal. Rewarding potential has placed many gifted people in way over their heads…

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If I Were 22 - Advice For New Graduates

If I Were 22 – Advice For New Graduates

Graduation is a joyous time full of accolades and recognitions, serious reflection, and great anticipation. By all means, enjoy graduation – you worked hard to reach this point. That said, my advice is don’t get too caught up in the pomp and…

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The Brilliance Of Naiveté

The Brilliance Of Naiveté

I was speaking with a colleague last week who at one point in our conversation referred a third party as being naïve, to which my response was, “I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing – perhaps we should all be a bit more naïve.”  The seed I was trying…

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How to Find the Perfect Job

How To Find The Perfect Job

For some, getting a job (much less the right job) has never been more difficult. They struggle with knowing how to navigate in a complicated, noisy world where the global job market is messy and very competitive. For others, it doesn’t matter what’s…

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The Essence of Leadership

The Essence Of Leadership

Any way you slice it, leadership is a tricky business. Everyone has an opinion on leadership, and in particular on specific leaders. With virtually every enterprise on the planet in such zealous pursuit of leaders and leadership, why is it so many…

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On Being a Leader of Integrity | 4 Ways to Build Personal and Organizational Integrity

Leaders Who Think More – Accomplish More

I’ve always been amazed at the number of tremendously gifted leaders who underutilize the one asset most responsible for their success – their brain. It’s not that leaders don’t think; it’s that they don’t think enough. And when they do find time to…

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Why Your CEO Just Doesn't Get It

Why Your CEO Just Doesn’t Get It

Quality leadership or a lack thereof is easy to spot if you know what to look for. The problem is most people don’t know what to look for in a leader, and according to a recent study by Chief Executive magazine many CEOs don’t seem to know what to…

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The Leadership Lesson They Don't Teach In Business School

The Leadership Lesson They Don’t Teach In Business School

I’ve always believed leadership exists to disrupt mediocrity, but I’m afraid in recent times many leaders are losing that battle. Somewhere along the way, they threw in the towel and settled for a weak-kneed, watered-down version of leadership –…

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Top 10 Reasons Diversity is Good for the Boardroom

Top 10 Reasons Diversity is Good for the Boardroom

I do quite a bit of work on matters of board composition, selection, and succession, and what I can tell you is this; board diversity is simply smart business. You'll never hear me recommend diversity solely for the sake of checking a box, but when…

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The 1 Problem Every Leader Has But Isn't Aware Of

The #1 Problem Every Leader Has But Isn’t Aware Of

Let’s cut right to the chase - the biggest problem all leaders face is in fact problem solving itself. It's the job of every leader to avoid, minimize, or altogether eliminate problems. When the inevitable problem does arise, it's the burden of a…

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8 Ways to Spot Great Leadership

8 Ways To Spot Great Leadership

If you ever wonder why we’re in a crisis of leadership all you have to do is to watch and listen to those in positions of leadership. While there are clearly many aspects of leadership that must work together in harmony in order for leaders to be…

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