Making the Turn: 10 Warning Signs You aren’t Shifting from Founder to Leader

Making the Turn: 10 Warning Signs You aren’t Shifting from Founder to Leader

You came up with an awesome idea. Your singular focus has been to make it real. You started the company. You got funding. Maybe you’re looking for Series B or C funding now. Maybe you’re prepping for the IPO. Congratulations! You’re ready to scale…

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Is Leadership Development the Answer to Low Employee Engagement? (Yes.)

Is Leadership Development the Answer to Low Employee Engagement? (Yes.)

This White Paper is excerpted and adapted from Ultra Leadership: Go Beyond Usual and Ordinary to Engage Others and Lead Real Change (Giuliano, Lioncrest, 2016). Where are we? 90% of leaders think an engagement strategy is important while only 25% of…

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Leadership and Digital Transformation

Leadership and Digital Transformation

News Flash: The #1 thing leaders need to understand is that the Digital Transformation train left the station a few years ago. If you weren't on board back then, you need to stop looking for the next train and rapidly go in search of building a…

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N2Growth Helps Businesses Combine Strategy & Innovation for a Consumer First Approach to Digital Transformation

N2Growth Helps Businesses Combine Strategy & Innovation for a Consumer-First Approach to Digital Transformation

Digital technology continues to transform both retail and consumer experience. To stay competitive, brands must innovate and transform. That transformation requires adopting new digital technologies in every aspect of the business — from product…

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Leaders need to ask the right questions

Success Depends on You Asking the Right Questions

As a team leader, it may be uncomfortable for you to ask the right questions. After all, the people you lead expect you to have answers. While it may give you pause to develop a list of questions for success, a Harvard Business School study…

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Investing in Enterprise Wide Security

Investing in Enterprise-wide Security

Does your organization view spending money on information systems security (cybersecurity) as an investment, a financial burden, or an unjustified cost of doing business? Is your security budget directed primarily to the Information Technology (IT)…

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Leadership in Cybersecurity

Leadership in Cybersecurity

Defining the position of the lead security person in an enterprise can be a challenging and sometimes confusing task. There are various job titles such as; Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Risk Officer, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO),…

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5 Positions Companies Need To Navigate Digital Transformation

“The last 10 years have been about building a world that is mobile-first. In the next 10 years, we will shift to a world that is AI-first.”, Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, October 2016 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at a tipping point, leading a…

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Strategic Planning Must Change With the Times

Strategic Planning Must Change With The Times

If you’re frustrated by your organization’s current strategic planning and execution processes or the outcomes from that work, you’re not alone. Whether they’re developed in-house or brought in by outside strategy firms, many strategy methodologies…

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A Company Health & Wellness Center That Delivers High Value Low Cost Healthcare

A Company Health & Wellness Center that Delivers High Value Low Cost Healthcare – Is it Possible?

Each year HR professionals undertake an annual process to determine what benefits will be offered to employees as part of their benefit package – possibly considering what benefit will be taken away or how much premiums will increase to offset…

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The Power of Equity

The power of equity

Equity is the currency that makes the world go around. Let me explain this statement in the context of companies using equity capital to grow, scale, and ultimately monetize the business. Companies report equity in the form of paid-in founder…

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Thinking Ahead | Millennial Leadership

Thinking Ahead – Millennial Leadership

Leadership is a hot topic today and will continue to be for a while. I don’t want to tell you the things that you already know, but make you think about the things you don’t. Let’s stop discussing trends, predictions, and statistics, and let’s focus…

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How Many of Your Organizations Strategic Initiatives Succeed

How Many of Your Organization’s Strategic Initiatives Succeed?

My guess is that your answer is less than half or at least “not enough of them.” Delivering on strategic initiatives on time, every time, is the hallmark of organizations that are best in the world at executing strategy, and they’re rewarded with a…

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60 Top Leadership Quotes of All Time

60 Top Leadership Quotes of All Time

Below are my top 60 favorite leadership quotes of all time. “Leaders transform the quality of their lives’ by becoming aware of authentic choices, and living courageously towards a new more empowering future.” – Grant Wattie “Never doubt that a…

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Leadership Manifesto: 10 Keys to Living Courageously

A Leadership Manifesto: 10 Keys to Living Courageously

You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor” ~Aristotle The word manifesto can be traced back to the Latin root manifestum, which means clear or conspicuous. A manifesto is defined…

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Fear Failure Risk and Success

Addicted to Wealth

“Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher If Schopenhauer’s quote is true, then the mining magnate, Gina Rinehart (one of the richest women in the world who’s worth an estimated…

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