You can always choose HOW you show up With Karin Hurt

Author and international keynote speaker Karin Hurt inspires transformational change. Recently she was named on Inc’s list of Most Innovative Leadership Speakers and American Management Association’s 50 Leaders to Watch, Karin Hurt helps leaders from around the world achieve breakthrough results without losing their souls.

Many leaders are convinced they have an open environment that encourages employees to speak up and are shocked when they learn that employees are holding back. Employees have ideas and want to be heard. Leadership wants to hear them. Too often, however, employees and leaders both feel that no one cares about making things better. The disconnect typically only widens over time, with both sides becoming more firmly entrenched in their viewpoints.

From executives complaining that their teams don’t contribute ideas to employees throwing up their hands that their input is never sought–company culture is the culprit.

Karin has over two decades of experience in customer service, sales, and human resources. She’s the award-winning author of Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Micro-innovators, Problem Solvers, and Customer Advocates (Harper Collins 2020), Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results-Without Losing Your Soul, Overcoming an Imperfect Boss,  and Glowstone Peak – a book for readers of all ages about courage, influence, and hope.

Key Leadership Takeaways:

Simple tools you can use with your team to tap into their best thinking, improve results, and build stronger, trusting relationships along the way:

  • Own the U.G.L.Y.
    • Use this technique as a strategic conversation starter to help your team quickly identify and prioritize strategic opportunities
  • Refine the Opportunity
    • Next, work with your team to define what success looks like by identifying the desired outcomes, success criteria, and key stakeholders.
  • Ask How Can We (Generate Solutions)
    • Once you’ve identified what success looks like, use this “How Can We” approach to overcome FOSU (fear of speaking up) and draw out the best ideas from each team member.
  • Vet Your Best I.D.E.A.
    • Use the I.D.E.A. technique to vet your best ideas against the success criteria and discuss practical next steps.
  • Make Your Plan or Pitch Your C.A.S.E.
    • Now you’re ready to either turn your idea into action through an action plan or prepare your C.A.S.E. for additional support.

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