N2Growth CEO Co-Author’s ‘Leadership Recruiting: Consulting Skills for Recruiters’ Supporting the Development of Future Leaders in the Industry

PHILADELPHIA, February 16th, 2022 — N2Growth, Inc., a global leader in organizational performance and top executive search firm, announced the launch of Leadership Recruiting: Consulting Skills for Recruiters. The book is co-authored by Kelli Vukelic, Chief Executive Officer at N2Growth, and Simon Mullins, Chief Facilitator at ESIX.

The book serves as an indispensable resource for talent professionals at all levels, especially those recruitment leaders who are new to the industry looking to develop themselves to meet the demands of the future.

Vukelic and Mullins understand that recruiting the top talent at the right time isn’t just a job or function; it’s a competitive advantage. This book provides executives, talent leaders, and executive recruiters with practical development from industry veterans. N2Growth CEO, Kelli Vukelic, features the training and tools you need from the “3 Ds” to the proper use of data, six “lightbulb” questions, managing common derailers, the art of empathetic listening, and much more.

Mike Myatt, the Founder and Chairman of the Board at N2Growth, said, “There are many books on the topics of leadership and executive search, but Kelli has uniquely synthesized her storied career into a combination of crisp, articulate, and insightful thoughts on what it takes to attract world-class leadership talent in perhaps the most competitive talent market in history.”

Whether you’re an executive leading the executive search function during the “great resignation,” just starting in leadership recruiting, or a talent leader looking to train and develop their teams, this desktop resource is without equal. The book offers actionable advice and tested frameworks to hone day-to-day behaviors into a differentiated set of skills necessary for delivering top talent to organizations.

Myatt further noted, “ Few understand this industry as well as Kelli. Having watched Kelli lead one of the top executive search firms in the world, working on some of the most complicated board and C-level search assignments, for some of the most demanding clients around the world, Kelli definitely lives out her message on a daily basis with integrity, purpose, and success.”