N2Growth Launches New Board Effectiveness Solution

Improve Your Board’s Outcomes with N2Growth’s Board Effectiveness Solution

Philadelphia, PA March 1, 2023 – N2Growth, a leading executive search and leadership advisory firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Board Effectiveness Solution, led by Jim Hotaling, Head of Leadership Development & Assessment. The solution provides fresh insights that drive tangible outcomes year over year for board chairs and their boards.

The N2Growth Effective Boards framework is a unique peer-reviewed solution based on academic research and offers the fundamental building blocks necessary for enhancing board effectiveness. It serves as the basis for The Board Effectiveness Solution. 

Board Chairs looking for a solution with the only intent of satisfying compliance standards are missing a significant opportunity to seek out data-rich, tailored reports and director feedback and a thorough evaluation of their board. Top-performing boards, and those recognized as such, constantly look for areas for development to secure organizational performance.

All board directors will receive secure access to N2Growth’s cloud-based board evaluation platform, based on the company’s proprietary research and proven to generate positive organizational results. The platform offers regular alignment sessions with key stakeholders and coaching tailored to each board director’s needs.

Kelli Vukelic, Chief Executive Officer at N2Growth added, “All Board Chairs should be advancing governance in this way as it is their greatest opportunity to take a forward-thinking approach and future proof their organizations.”

“We see Board Chairs using these insights and comparisons to take immediate action and quickly see results in board performance. This solution, coupled with our leadership expertise, supports the creation of greater board effectiveness and overall performance in ways we haven’t seen historically,” said Jim Hotaling, Head of Leadership Development & Assessment.

For more information on the Board Effectiveness Solution, visit N2Growth’s website at www.n2growth.com/services/board-effectiveness/

Board Effectiveness solution is powered by Better Boards Ltd, London