N2Growth Ranked #2 on List of Top Executive Search Firms

N2Growth, a top leadership development and advisory firm announced today that it was named to the 2014 and 2015 list of Top Executive Search Firms, moving up one place over the prior year to #2. “Our executive search practice is a disruptive force in the executive recruiting segment, and it’s nice to see we are being consistently recognized as such” said Mike Myatt, Chairman of N2Growth.

The prestigious list ranks the Top 20 Executive Search Firms globally. N2Growth was referred to as the “elite of the boutiques” and was the only boutique search firm ranked in the Top 10. “To be named to the list for the fourth consecutive time, and to be recognized ahead of much larger firms is a testimony to our focus on innovative practices,” said Myatt.

When asked what makes N2Growth so successful, Myatt said, “it’s really quite simple… all of the other firms on the list are executive recruiting firms who are attempting to grow into the leadership space. N2Growth, on the other hand, was founded as a leadership development firm who then proceeded to built out an executive search practice. While this might not sound important, all the other firms in the market are doing business in largely the same fashion they have for decades. Because we grew up in leadership, and not search, we bring a totally different set of tools, processes, and practices to each engagement. We simply see leadership and talent through a different lens than our competitors, and this differentiator is clearly being embraced by clients.”