N2Growth Unveils Vue: Revolutionizing Search With Unmatched Transparency & Insights

Groundbreaking Tech Platform Brings Unprecedented Transparency and Precision to the Executive Search Process

King of Prussia, PA., April 10, 2024 – N2Growth, a global leader in executive search and leadership development, has announced the launch of Vue, a trailblazing, cloud-based platform set to redefine the executive and board search experience. Vue marks a significant leap in the executive search industry, offering unparalleled transparency, collaboration, and data-driven insights at every stage of the search process.

Vue by N2Growth executive search software“In an era where data and transparency are paramount, we’ve engineered Vue to reshape the customer journey in the executive search industry,” said Kelli Vukelic, CEO at N2Growth. “Vue is not just a tool; it’s the future of executive search. It’s designed for a more informed and precise hiring process, ultimately empowering our partners to build effective long-term leadership strategies.”

Vue’s holistic approach enables a global, real-time, comprehensive overview of all ongoing executive and board search assignments. This approach liberates stakeholders from tracking documents, reports, notes, and feedback across disparate systems, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient approach to executive recruitment.

The Vue platform also enables an all-encompassing whole-person analysis of each candidate, evaluated against an organization’s specific business and leadership needs. It provides access to 50+ data points on each candidate, from leadership competencies to their ability to drive business outcomes, along with personalized executive coaching recommendations assessed by N2Growth’s top-tier certified executive coaches.

“I’ve always prioritized evidence-based decision-making with my teams, and Vue enabled us to prioritize that same approach in our executive hiring process. There is little margin for error when hiring executives from outside into an organization, and from beginning to end, N2Growth offered transparency about their process, the talent we were seeking to access, and their ongoing insights in the market. Vue gave me confidence through a continuous real-time view of candidates and ultimately, we achieved a very positive outcome.”

Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare Design & Medical Device

“Vue combines the power of technology with the human intelligence of our consultants to facilitate a data-driven executive search process that is adaptive and responsive to the evolving competitive landscape,” Vukelic added, “It allows our clients to measure and adjust the search strategy in real-time with us, to co-create a swift and successful leadership placement.” Vue exemplifies N2Growth’s commitment to innovation, transparency, and leadership excellence. It augments businesses’ ability to make informed talent decisions while enhancing the overall executive search experience.

Committed to promoting diversity and equity, Vue supports anti-bias candidate review and evaluation processes, harnesses the power of AI to eradicate biased language, and continuously assesses candidate pool diversity. These tools continue to amplify N2Growth’s commitment to ensuring executive and board talent representation from all walks of life.