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The Challenges of Supply Chain Executive Search And Recruitment

Our client is a household name in the home goods industry, known for its highly engineered, durable products. They engaged N2Growth for a supply chain executive search. This role will lead a massive transformation from a North American big-box organization to an international omnichannel organization.

This coincides with the leadership team’s natural turnover as their current senior-most supply chain executive will retire after 32 years of service to the organization. It also coincided with an organizational structure change to bring the sourcing department under the supply chain department’s control. This hire would be the most critical of their 5-year plan and usher in the next generation of leadership for the organization.

The Mission

The client retained N2Growth to find their next Vice President of Global Supply Chain. It quickly became apparent the role required the caliber of leadership, supply chain experience, and business acumen for this scale of transformation would be more appropriately suited coming from the Senior Vice President level. 

N2Growth’s executive search team worked with the client to establish strict parameters for the type of candidate needed to fill this role. Key requisites identified include familiarity with sourcing from China and other Asian countries, experience in OEM, building out B2C and retail channels globally, expertise managing a highly complex supply chain, experience with a vertically integrated supply chain expertise in organizations with $1 billion+ revenue.

The Result

N2Growth sourced over 500 qualified candidates across the globe who presently worked or previously worked at direct competitors and tangential industries that met the criteria above. Over 70 candidates were identified and screened by N2Growth’s search team, with less than half introduced to the client. 

In the end, N2Growth placed a diverse candidate who had experience nearly identical to the transformation our client was seeking in a tangential industry with the ability, desire, leadership presence, and tenure to be a key figure in the organization’s leadership team for years to come.

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