Mary Barra Faces A Question Of Loyalty

By John Baldoni
Chair, Leadership Development, N2Growth

Is there such a thing as too much loyalty?

That is a question that Mary Barra may be considering after her latest appearance before a Senate committee investigating the faulty ignition switch problem that resulted in 11 deaths. While GM has cleaned house of engineers and lawyers accused of culpability, Michael Millikin, its chief counsel, has remained in place.


Leadership embraces activism; it is the outcome of a purposeful pursuit of goals.

- John Baldoni

Do You Speak the Language of Performance Driven Execution?

By Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts
Chair, Organizational Development, N2Growth

If you are responsible for leading teams, how can you be sure that the work being done throughout the day will innovatively increase impact and productivity to make tomorrow a better place? Or, if you are responsible for managing Solopreneur projects, how can you be sure that the work will increase impact and productivity? Isn’t that what productivity should be doing? Making the Future Picture (how leaders intend the future to look prior arriving to it in the distant future) a well defined place of improvement? These questions are some that leaders everywhere must consider on a more frequent basis with greater purpose in mind if they are really focused on providing greater impact across their organizations. 

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An Effective Business Review Meeting?

By John R. Childress
Chair, Cultural Transformation – President, N2Growth Europe, N2Growth

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be “meetings”  ~Dave Barry

Everywhere I go I hear complaints about Business Review Meetings.  Whether they are held monthly, quarterly or some other cadence, the comments from participants tend to be the same.

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Defining Presence As A Leadership Behavior

By John Baldoni
Chair, Leadership Development, N2Growth

* This post was originally posted in Life Science Leader

In my writings, I define leadership presence as the “right stuff of leadership,” and, by doing so, I embrace a holistic concept. For me, presence is more surface appeal — as the term executive presence connotes; it denotes a leader’s approach to getting the most out of themselves as well as their team. By that definition of presence encompasses conviction, authority, power, and the application of them through a leader’s actions and words.

You might consider presence as defined by three verbs: be, do, review. Let’s take them one at a time…



English Football (Soccer) and Executive Development

By John R. Childress
Chair, Cultural Transformation – President, N2Growth Europe, N2Growth

For the past 20 years  I have been living in London and to say that the English are football crazy would be an understatement.  There are multiple football leagues, as well as club teams in almost every village.  The latest statistics show there are more than 140 individual leagues, containing more than 480 divisions, with an estimated average of 15 clubs per division, giving this tiny country more than 7,000 teams in the English men’s football league system.

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The Leadership ‘X’ Factor That Creates ‘It’ Companies

By Mike Myatt
Chairman, N2Growth

How do some companies evolve to “it company” status while others languish in relative obscurity? Whether you think of more mature companies like Google, Whole Foods, or Unilever, or early stage marvels like Warby Parker, Vendini, or RevZilla, the hottest companies on the planet understand it’s not what they do or how they do it, but why they do what they do that defines who they are as an organization.  Put simply, company culture is the real competitive advantage great organizations trade on.



Succession planning should begin several YEARS before the CEO steps down…be proactive & strategic about it.

~ Patricia H. Lenkov

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