How Senior Leaders Transform Startups

Unlocking Success: How Senior Leadership Transforms Start-ups into Thriving Businesses

Young entrepreneurs often found start-up companies with great ideas and the drive to make them a reality. While these individuals may have the passion and creativity to get their business off the ground, they often need more experience and expertise…

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Change and Forecasting Comes with Risk

Only The Start: Change and Forecasting Comes With Risk

Change seems to occur at an ever-increasing speed, forecasting, especially concerning long term scenarios is an extremely risky business today. Forecasts often lead to disappointments, for management, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.…

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Impact of great leader no text

The Impact of a Great Leader

I am always surprised by the impact that just one person can have on a team or an organization. In particular, the speed which that effect takes place. I have seen examples in multinational enterprises, where the appointment of a new CEO resulted in…

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HR, Who’s Your Customer?

HR, Who’s Your Customer?

Over the last 30 years, I have worked for many organizations in HR positions with increasing responsibility. Regardless, I had discussions within each of those organizations about the concept of customer satisfaction. In my view, the only customer…

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Care for a Whitewater ride?

Care for a white-water ride?

Change seems to occur at an ever-increasing speed, making forecasts – especially those concerning long term scenarios – an extremely risky business. Forecasts often lead to disappointments, both for management – employees – shareholders and other…

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