Going Above: Sourcing Strategies Positively Impact Outcomes in Healthcare & Finance

Philadelphia, May 11, 2023 — N2Growth, a global leader in human and organizational performance, has announced impressive results in their Healthcare and Financial Services sectors. Despite the 3.5% dip in healthcare stocks in the S&P 500 in 2022, N2Growth’s Top CHROs in Healthcare outperformed the market by driving outcomes through leading the people agenda resulting in an 11.8% increase. Moreover, 80% of their healthcare executive and Board placements were sourced in networks other than LinkedIn.

Organizations that concentrate on the traditional methods of executive recruitment are falling behind in this fast-paced and competitive environment. The best talent is frequently found in related industries rather than in the same sector. Our clients that are adaptable and move quicker see greater results in the hiring process, which ultimately benefits their business.

N2Growth’s success in talent assessment and identifying the World’s Best Leaders is further exemplified by the remarkable performance of their Top CHROs in the Financial Services sector. In 2022, while the S&P 500 Financial Services Index declined by 12.35%, N2Growth’s Top CHROs in the same sector demonstrated a 32.8% increase. N2Growth’s unparalleled ability to assess and identify talent has proven to be a valuable asset in identifying exceptional leaders who are driving results amidst all the recent disruptions in the financial services industry.

Mimicry hiring and plug-and-play recruitment practices can hinder growth and innovation for organizations globally. In contrast, the firm’s approach to identifying these leaders that deliver results places them at the forefront of talent assessment and recruitment. Their success is driven by a commitment to identifying top talent from networks beyond the typical LinkedIn source lists and self-identified candidates.

N2Growth’s exceptional results in the Healthcare and Financial Services sectors demonstrate their ability to identify and develop exceptional leaders who drive results. By going beyond traditional recruitment methods and identifying talent from diverse networks, the firm is helping organizations break free from the limitations of mimicry hiring and drive innovation and growth.