N2Growth Announces the 2023 Marketing Leadership Award: Top 10 CMOs Shaping the Future of Leadership

June 14, 2023 – N2Growth is proud to announce the 2023 Marketing Leadership Award winners, honoring the Top 10 Chief Marketing Officers shaping the future of leadership. These prestigious awards celebrate the remarkable achievements of CMOs who have demonstrated excellence in navigating the challenges of a post-pandemic world, defining brand perception, and driving innovation in marketing.

Despite facing unprecedented obstacles from the pandemic, economic uncertainty, and evolving market demands, these top marketing executives have shown exceptional leadership in their professional and C-suite roles. They have proven their ability to adapt to rapid changes in technology and the economy, embracing digital transformation, hyper-personalization, and OpenAI, among other innovations.

This year’s winners have made significant strides in diversity, equity, and inclusion, recognizing the importance of fostering a sense of belonging and connection in their marketing efforts. By authentically reflecting diverse audiences’ interests, styles, and lifestyles, these leaders build genuine relationships with consumers and set an example for the next generation of CMOs.

The Top 10 CMOs shaping leadership list features marketing leaders who excel in key competencies such as empathy, trust, self-awareness, learning agility, and sustainability. These trailblazers have consistently committed to leaving a lasting legacy by thinking creatively and putting people first.

The 2023 Marketing Leadership Award winners are:

  • Najoh Tita-Reid, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Logitech
  • Christine Cefalo, Chief Marketing Officer, Workday
  • Ciara Anfield, Senior Vice President, Chief Member & Marketing Officer, Sam’s Club
  • Jill Kramer, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Accenture
  • Deborah Wahl, Global Chief Marketing Officer, General Motors
  • Melissa Brotz, Divisional Vice President, Global Marketing and External Affairs, Abbott
  • Diane Hund, Senior Vice President, Marketing, US Foods
  • Norman De Greve, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, CVS Health
  • Fernando Machado, Chief Marketing Officer, NotCo
  • Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Mastercard

“This group of marketing executives, who make up our inaugural group, are at the forefront of defining what it will take to spur future innovation and growth as well as the leadership necessary to see it through,” said Kelli Vukelic, CEO at N2Growth.

N2Growth congratulates these outstanding marketing leaders for their dedication, vision, and impact on the marketing landscape. As champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and masters of empathy and trust, they set the stage for marketing and leadership’s future.